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Reader’s Digest New Zealand January 2020

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classically entertaining

PART OF THE FUN of preparing the annual Classic Reads edition is the many surprises we find along the way. Surprises like familiar names from the past. One of my favourite articles in this month’s magazine, ‘Milly’s Last Waltz’ (page 70), was written by Terry Padley, an editor who worked on the magazine for over 30 years. He was a skilled journalist and careful editor, and brought our readers many wonderful human interest stories, as well as many laughs thanks to his passion for ‘Life’s Like That, ’ ‘All in a Day’s Work’ and ‘Laughter, the Best Medicine.’ This is a simple yet genuine personal story about a stray dog who came to be loved by Terry’s family. A timeless and gentle Digest read. We’ve also got some revealing perspectives on…

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The Way of Grace I was so moved by ‘A Lesson in Grace’ (October) that I am now modelling my treatment of my mother on this five year old’s behaviour. This young child no doubt puts many of us to shame. Her lesson is simple: patience. Difficult, frustrating and confronting as it is to see a parent lose themselves to dementia, we must be gentle and remember that it is an honour to care for a loved one and that it is part of life. MARGARET ADAMS Volunteers of Calais While desperation certainly isn’t in short supply in Calais, neither is hope (‘Compassion in Calais’, October). Kenza Camara and other volunteers are providing a lifesaving carpet of compassion in the midst of gross intolerance and bias. Love for these good Samaritans is clearly…

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Unholy Fruit Along the roads of Brittany, France, the tall hedges are rough and untrimmed, heavy in late summer with blackberries, the only harvest the frugal peasants do not gather. You are free to pick as many as you like, and if a Breton lady in a white cap and velvet apron frowns disapproval it is not because you are trespassing, but because the fruit is unholy. For Christ was crowned with thorns, and no pious Breton ever touches a thorn-bearing bush. Tea on Russian Railways Because Russian water is bad, and needs boiling, the tea habit is everywhere. The first time I was on a Russian train and it stopped at a way station, all the Russians got off and ran like the devil. So I got off and ran like the…

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smart animals

Maggie Saves the Day TAMARA NUGEGODA The compost bin in my backyard, which is a breeding ground for many worms and insects, is a favourite haunt for many species of local birds – including a lone magpie. Two years ago, I made friends with the magpie. It would perch beside the compost bin and sing continuously for ten minutes or so. I would talk to the fellow praising its beautiful singing and since this was a daily habit, it was neither disturbed or scared by my company. Soon, it found a partner and now they are a family of four. Last June, the magpie family, along with a band of other feathered friends, were making a lot of noise near the compost bin but I could not see anything out of order when I…

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exercising together

Our regular pet columnist, Dr Katrina Warren, is an established and trusted animal expert. PETS are great for our general health and wellbeing. Dog owners, in particular, benefit from increased levels of exercise. Veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren shares her expert advice about exercising with pets and how to make the most of it. DOGS AS PERSONAL TRAINERS Dog owners are generally inclined to exercise more, and this has positive impacts on their health over the long term. These findings have been replicated across numerous studies, revealing dogs are almost like personal trainers, motivating their owners to get up and go. A 30-minute walk, or even longer, is just more fun with a happy dog by your side. SECURITY Walking with a dog can help people, particularly women, feel safer. This in turn can…

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your outer layer

As your body’s largest organ and one of the easiest ones to observe, your skin offers interesting clues about your health. That said, you can’t read it like a book. Many skin changes have several possible explanations. Suppose you start itching all over: the lineup of suspects ranges from dry air to kidney failure (and the former is more likely). It’s always smart to ask a GP or a dermatologist about anything out of the ordinary, but to spare yourself unnecessary anxiety, don’t jump to the scariest conclusion right off the bat. A few skin changes, however, are more likely to indicate something serious. Most of us know to keep an eye out for possible signs of skin cancer, such as sores that don’t heal and moles that ooze, bleed or change…