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editor’s letter

One of my abiding memories of the molecular-gastronomy movement, which swept the culinary world 20-odd years ago, was flashing my finger through the swirling vapors coming from a tub overflowing with liquid nitrogen in the most famous restaurant, at the time, in the world. But only for a split second, because I was convinced it would freeze and snap off. It didn’t, and the chef who was with me roared with laughter at my trepidation. It was around 2004, I was writing a story for a magazine in England, and I was in what looked like a science laboratory crossed with a kitchen, which was exactly what it was. It was situated close to a restaurant called the Fat Duck, in Bray, about an hour’s drive from London. The chef was Heston…

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Mixed Message Tired of the classic jewelry codes, Rome-based designer Fabio Salini turned to sleek carbon fiber for its lightness, durability and striking contrast with precious gemstones and gold. “Carbon fiber brings jewelry into a contemporary—even futuristic—dimension,” he says. The industrial material’s silky-yet-rough finish provides the perfect setting for this enormous 120-carat citrine, which is cradled in a carbon-fiber cuff with 7.6 carats of diamonds. Despite its outsize proportions, the bracelet is remarkably lightweight and unpretentious. (fabiosalini.co.uk) Wheel of Fortune Rainbow bezels have been all the rage in watchmaking, and Audemars Piguet has one-upped the competition. Its rainbow bezel (equipped with 2.24 carats of 32 baguette-cut sapphires) adorns a 37 mm white-gold frosted case and encircles an intricate openworked dial with a golden double-balance wheel mechanism. Although it comes with a hefty price…

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the duel

In 1976, the Judgment of Paris shocked the wine world. In a blind tasting, an all-French panel of experts rated a California Cabernet above four top Bordeaux, elevating Napa from backwater to world class. We’ve created a rematch of sorts to see how these legendary regions stack up against each other now. In terms of size, Napa plays David to Bordeaux’s Goliath, but it shows New World wine can more than stand up to the Old. Bordeaux VS. Napa WHICH MADE WINE FIRST 1st century A.D. 1861 (Romans introduced wine to the region, and Château Latour may go back to the early 1300s) (Charles Krug founded) NUMBER OF PRODUCERS 6,100 châteaux 475 physical wineries producing 1,000 brands VISITORS PER YEAR (IN MILLIONS) 6.8 3.85 MOST EXPENSIVE BOTTLE EVER SOLD $304,375 $500,000 ENOUGH VINES TO COVER Nashville, TN Plano, TX (287,000 acres of vineyards) (46,000 acres of vineyards) PERCENTAGE OF THE WORLD’S…

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chef knows best

TORONTO NATIVE Patrick Kriss has long felt the pull of France. From his early days in college, when he first decided to pursue a career in cooking, Gallic kitchens have been like his North Star. “It became stuck in my head [that] that was the kind of cooking I wanted to do,” he says. “I like learning classic dishes and cooking whole roast duck, kidneys and sweet breads. I just love all that stuff.” He landed a gig at one of the best French restaurants around—Daniel Boulud’s Daniel in New York City—before heading to the motherland itself for stints at iconic establishments such › as Restaurant Régis & Jacques Marcon and La Maison Troisgros. When Kriss found his way back to Toronto in 2010, he brought a piece of France with…

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robb recommends.. .

Galit The American obsession with modern Middle Eastern cuisine may have already reached critical mass, but James Beard Award–winning chef Zachary Engel has just upped the Israeli ante with Galit. The new restaurant in the heart of Chicago—a city known for its fondness for meat—is making a case for vegetable-driven fare with wood-fired pita, silky hummus and dishes like carrots doused in a cumin-orange glaze with feta. But don’t forsake the flesh just yet: Our favorite of all of Engel’s brilliant hummus variations is topped with a hearty dose of cinnamon-accented brisket. galitrestaurant.com J.R.…

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patrick kriss’s top toronto picks

Sud Forno “For breakfast I like the casual Sud Forno. It’s the kind of place you go for coffee and Italian pastries. They’re part of a bigger group called Terroni and have multiple locations, and no matter when you go they’re always packed.” terroni.com Brothers “This little place has only about 30 seats, is run by two young guys and has a really simple menu. You can get crudités, beef carpaccio and bagna cauda. I recently had a radish-and-turnip salad with yogurt and smoked trout, and also ordered the grilled mackerel with pickled eggplant.” brotherstoronto.ca Tachi “There’s a food court called Assembly Chef’s Hall where you go through a door and give your name to the woman who greets you. Inside, two guys are making sushi while you stand. It’s very straightforward rice and fish,…