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Robb Report November 2018

Luxury Without Compromise. Every issue of Robb Report transports you into the world of luxury as never before! Delve beneath the surface to explore the thoughts and inspirations of the engineers, artisans and entrepreneurs behind the most sought after products, luxury escapes and services the world over. With in-depth looks at the next generation luxury automobiles…to world-class travel adventures..wines, spirits, collectibles and some much more.

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David Coggins David Coggins, who writes the fishing column for the magazine (“Spring Creeks and Smart Trout,” page 119), is the author of Men and Manners and the New York Times bestseller Men and Style. He has contributed to Condé Nast Traveler, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. He lives in Manhattan but is often found fly-fishing in the Catskills, in Montana, or near his family cabin in Wisconsin. He’s looking forward to bone-fishing on Long Island in the Bahamas next month. Julie L. Belcove Julie L. Belcove (“Private Eyes,” page 178) has written extensively about art and culture. Her work has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Financial Times, WSJ., and Architectural Digest, among many other publications. She created W magazine’s annual Art Issue and has…

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editor’s letter

The last watch I bought was not actually for me. It was for my son, but inspired by my father. He’s had the same quartz Casio for as long as I can remember; he’ll happily tell you it’s not been serviced in 40 years and cost a fraction of any of mine, etc. As you can tell, watches don’t get him excited—Italian sports cars, on the other hand . . . Anyway, as I grew into watch appreciation in my late 20s I became increasingly aware that at no time was I likely to have that touching moment when my father takes off the old Rolex or Patek that he’s worn for years and, dewy eyed, bestows it on me—at which point he’d repeat the story about how his father gave…

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in the interest of full exposure

Head to the Grand Palais in the City of Light for the Paris Photo fair, the year’s most significant art-photography show. View and acquire works from 167 galleries around the globe that will offer the best of the best in the medium, such as this striking chromogenic print, Honeycomb (2015), by Minnesota native and fashion photographer Erik Madigan Heck from the Christophe Guye Galerie. New this year at the show is Curiosa, a section devoted to erotic imagery that explores fantasy and fetish. NOVEMBER 8–11 PARISPHOTO.COM…

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logo mojo

No one knows the power of a logo better than Louis Vuitton. And this month, the house is letting you swap in your initials for its iconic Ls and Vs. The Now Yours program marks the first time that the brand’s men’s clothing and shoes—not just its bags and suitcases—can be customized. You’ll be able to pop into your nearest boutique and give your high-school varsity jacket a serious upgrade by adding playful, personalized patches to Louis Vuitton’s version. And while you’re at it, you can emblazon a collegiate cardigan or pair of the brand’s signature Run Away sneakers with your monogram. Eight weeks later, the chic exercise in personal branding will arrive at your door. STARTING NOVEMBER 1 LOUISVUITTON.COM…

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feast of the seven cultures

Around Christmastime, Italian Americans traditionally indulge in a celebration brought over from the Old World: the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Usually, a cavalcade of seafood and pasta ensues, but chef Chris Cosentino wanted to mix things up a bit. He’s getting other cultures involved for seven separate nights of feasting by inviting some of the country’s best chefs to his Napa Valley restaurant, Acacia House, to cook one-night-only tasting menus. Each chef will prepare a dinner that expresses the country they represent. The series kicks off with James Beard Award–winning chef Alon Shaya of Saba in New Orleans cooking the Israeli cuisine that made him famous. In the ensuing weeks, he’ll be followed by Sarah Grueneberg of Monteverde in Chicago preparing Italian, Ludo Lefebvre of LA’s Trois Mec serving…

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the duel

A. Lange & Söhne Triple Split VS. Apple iPhone XS BIRTHPLACE Glashütte, Germany Cupertino, California SHELF LIFE Forever as long as it’s serviced September as long as they don’t release the next one sooner POWER 55 hours 20 + 12 hours talk time hours Internet use CHARGE TIME 20–50 seconds 1–2 hours PRODUCTION TIME 9 months 1 every minute AVAILABILITY 100 worldwide No cap PRICE $147,200 $1,349 for the 512 GB version RESALE VALUE Will steadily appreciate for decades In a year, half of what you paid PERKS Wide eyes from passing watch geeks for life. No work emails, group texts, or monthly service-provider plan. Wide eyes from passing children for the first four hours. Instant access nearly everywhere to work emails, group texts, and more. TECHNICAL FEATS The world’s first triple rattrapante chronograph, allowing the wearer to “split” hours, minutes, and seconds for timing intervals, which is, you know, vital. World’s first seven-nanometer A12 Bionic smart…