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researchers warn census about accuracy concerns with method

A new technique to protect the privacy of participants in the 2020 Census could foster distrust between the Census Bureau and researchers if it results in too many inaccuracies, demographers warned officials Wednesday. The demographers, who study population changes, delivered the message to bureau officials at a workshop at The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in Washington. The agency was participating in the workshop to hear from data users about the technique known as “differential privacy,” which will be implemented next year for the 2020 Census. The technique adds some mathematical “noise” to the data to obscure any given individual’s identity but still gather statistically valid information. Bureau officials said the change is needed in an era of Big Data when participants can be identified through public and private data…

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sea-tac airport officials opt out of facial recognition

At least for now, controversial facial-recognition technology won’t be installed at boarding gates at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The decision makes the airport the first in the country to resist the rollout of a federal biometric identification program. The Seattle Times reports the Port of Seattle Commission unanimously approved a moratorium on some uses of the technology after hours of impassioned public comment Tuesday, much of it from people calling facial recognition intrusive and dangerous. The five-member commission, which oversees Sea-Tac, suspended the introduction of some new biometric technologies — including facial recognition — until the commission adopts “tangible, enforceable” policies to govern their use. The commission’s vote halts plans by Delta Air Lines to roll out facial-recognition cameras at its Sea-Tac boarding gates by year-end. The moratorium, though, applies only to areas the Port…

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don draper, eleven, selina meyer lead ap roles of the decade

Critics say we’re in an era called Peak TV, with hundreds of original scripted streaming, cable, and broadcast series competing for eyeballs. But even in a peak era some peak characters emerge. These are some of the fictional folk that we’ll look back respectfully when we think of the 2010s. DON DRAPER Only a month after “The Sopranos” ended, AMC took a chance by debuting a ’60s period piece set in a New York ad agency filled with guys who took three-martini lunches and had trysts with secretaries. It was “Mad Men” and its anti-hero was the manly, forever mysterious Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm. The show was an indictment of the soul-crushing nature of commercialization set in the Eisenhower years, before the counterculture and the sexual revolution. Soon after it…

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warren ‘wealth tax’ estimates too optimistic, analysis says

Elizabeth Warren’s signature “wealth tax” would bring in at least $1 trillion less in new government revenue than the Democratic presidential candidate estimates while ultimately shrinking the economy over the next 30 years, according to a new academic analysis. The Massachusetts senator wants a 2% tax on fortunes worth $50 million-plus and a levy three times that on anyone who has a net worth of more than $1 billion. She has pledged to use those to dramatically remake government, offering universal child care and free tuition at public universities while wiping out most student debt for 42 million Americans and helping to finance a “Medicare for All” plan providing government-sponsored health care nationwide. But the piggy bank that Warren wants to use to accomplish her sweeping policy promises won’t be nearly as…

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virgin: vegas-tocalifornia train work could start in 2020

Construction on a high-speed train between Las Vegas and Southern California could start late next year if bonds are approved by February, the company planning the project said. Virgin Trains USA executive Tina Quigley told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that work will begin first in California, where state lawmakers recently approved a $3.25 billion bond request. Virgin is seeking approval in Nevada for $950 million in bonds that state Department of Business chief Terry Reynolds said could get approval next month or in February. Project designers say the track along Interstate 15 could whisk passengers about 185 miles (297 kilometers) between Las Vegas and Victorville, California, in about 90 minutes. Victorville is 85 miles (137 kilometers) northeast of Los Angeles. Construction is expected to take three years and cost $4.8 billion. Reynolds said final approval…

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blue origin launches, lands same rocket record 6 times

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space company, has scored another successful spaceflight. Blue Origin used the same rocket for the sixth time Wednesday in West Texas. The suborbital flight exposed the capsule and its contents — including NASA experiments, artwork and a commercial grape vine study — to more than three minutes of weightlessness. The capsule reached a peak altitude of 65 miles (104 kilometers), just above the official threshold for space. The New Shepard rocket landed vertically seven minutes after liftoff, followed by the capsule, which parachuted down to end the 10-minute flight. “Welcome back, New Shepard. A beautiful launch to space and back,” said launch commentator Ariane Cornell, director of astronaut and orbital sales. “We can’t wait to do it again.” Cornell said the company plans another couple of spaceflights before putting people…