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calif consumer privacy law can affect businesses across u.s.

If the thousands of Californians who use Josh Simons’ app for musicians demand next month that Vampr delete their personal information, Simons will be ready to comply. The social network company expects to be one of many businesses nationwide subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act, a law that takes effect Jan. 1 and gives consumers control over the personal information companies collect, store and often share with other enterprises. Simons, who already had a user privacy policy in place before the act became law last year, has retooled the policy and the Vampr app. “We have half a million users around the world,” Simons says. “It’s definitely something we have to keep in mind.” Companies across the country need to be aware of the law’s complex requirements even if they don’t deal…

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uber vows to stop airport service after phoenix raises fees

The Phoenix City Council said it will raise fees charged to ride-hailing companies at the airport in the nation’s fifth-largest city, and Uber said it will stop operations there over the increase. “Phoenix is a global city,” said Mayor Kate Gallego, who backed the measure. “We want to invest in a first-class airport.” Under the measure, the current fee of $2.66 per curbside pickup at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will increase to $4 on Feb. 1. It also will create a new drop-off fee, set at $4. The pickup and drop-off fees to the ride-hailing companies would gradually increase to $4.25 in 2021, $4.50 in 2022, $4.75 in 2023 and $5 in 2024. Uber said in a statement that it was disappointed and would halt its service at the airport next…

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toyota unveils upgraded version of its humanoid robot

Toyota Motor Corp. has unveiled an upgraded version of its human-shaped T-HR3 robot. The robot, which is controlled remotely by a person wearing a headset and wiring on his or her arms and hands, now has faster and smoother finger movements because the controlling device is lighter and easier to use. Such a robot could, in the future, be used to perform surgery in a distant place where a doctor cannot travel. It also might allow people to feel like they’re participating in events they can’t actually attend. In a recent demonstration in Tokyo, a person wearing a headset and wiring made the robot move in exactly the same way he was moving, waving or making dance-like movements. Smaller robots that look like the mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were…

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california expands insurance protections in wildfire areas

More than a million California homes are now protected under a new law that temporarily bans insurance companies from dropping customers in areas affected by recent wildfires, officials announced Wednesday. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a moratorium earlier this month covering about 800,000 homes affected by recent wildfires. Lara extended those protections this week to more than 200,000 additional homes in burn areas in San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Solana and Contra Costa counties. The moratorium lasts for a year, and it only covers people who live either inside or next to the perimeter of one of 16 wildfires that burned in California in October. Thousands of homes have been destroyed in recent years by devastating wildfires across the state. Those claims have cost insurers, who responded by dropping fire insurance policies for many…

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us and india pledge cooperation as domestic crises play out

The United States and India agreed to expand defense, science and technology cooperation as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said impeachment would not distract the Trump administration on national security matters Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper met their Indian counterparts for security talks at the State Department as the House debated impeachment charges against President Donald Trump. The House voted later Wednesday to impeach the president, setting up a Senate trial. Pompeo said “the noise and silliness” in Washington would not affect the administration’s focus on U.S. national security. The U.S. and India are each dealing with domestic political crises: the U.S. with impeachment, India with widespread protests and violent clashes in India over a new citizenship law. “The world should know that despite all the noise, the chaos, the media asking questions…

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queen lays out johnson’s brexit plans at parliament opening

Queen Elizabeth II formally opened a new session of Britain’s Parliament on Thursday with a speech laying out Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to use his commanding majority to take the U.K. out of the European Union and shake up the country’s public services. Johnson’s Conservative Party won an 80-strong majority in the 650-seat House of Commons last week on a pledge to “get Brexit done” by leaving the European Union on Jan. 31, and a broad promise to end years of public spending austerity. Now Johnson has to turn his election pledges into political reality. The Queen’s Speech — written by the government but read out by the monarch from atop a golden throne in the House of Lords — rattled through several dozen bills that the government plans to pass in…