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uber and airbnb: how the 'sharing economy' is transformimg travel

THE TECH-INSPIRED TRANSFORMATION OF AN INDUSTRY These days, when you want to quickly travel from one place to another but lack your own car, there’s a good chance that you opt not to hail a yellow taxicab, but instead to call upon the services of a regular driver through the Uber app on your iPhone. Similarly, when perusing accommodation options for your next getaway, you might do so through your device’s Airbnb app, which gives you the option of booking a stay in someone’s home rather than a traditional hotel. However, why are services like Uber and Airbnb proving so successful in upending the taxi and hotel industries respectively? On that whole subject, we could write a thesis. However, put simply, the main contributing factors behind these upheavals are the relatively low…

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food delivery and the ‘sharing economy’

TECHNOLOGY HAS PROFOUNDLY TRANSFORMED HOW WE DINE Just last week, we wrote about how what has been widely termed the ‘sharing economy’ – the distinctly Millennial movement of ‘sharing’ rather than necessarily ‘owning’ seemingly anything and everything, and drawing upon technology in the hand to make this possible – has made itself felt in how we travel, with Uber and Airbnb the obvious market leaders. What you might not have been so aware of, however, is how fundamentally our eating habits have also been impacted by similar dynamics. It emerged late last month, for instance, that even OpenTable, the world’s biggest online restaurant reservation service, with a more than two-decade history, was looking to move into the food delivery market. This might seem like a logical enough move, especially given the increasing significance…

8 minutos
the remarkable history of instant messaging

HOW THIS SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY CONTINUES TO BRING MORE OF US TOGETHER The very notion of being able to instantly send a message to someone located on the other side of the world – or even just the other side of one’s home or office – would have seemed nigh-on inconceivable to most of the world’s population not so long ago. And of course, instant messaging is a concept that only became mainstream a few decades ago, within easy living memory for many of us. However, the concept has also come so far already in terms of what it represents and makes possible for so many people. Indeed, it continues to develop in remarkable ways – and as we shall see, offers scope for an enthralling future, too. A SHORT HISTORY OF THE HUMBLE…

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year in review: what happened in 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time to sit back and reflect on what has been an incredible year in the world of technology. This week, we’re delving deeper into the biggest stories and innovations of the year, covering Apple, social media, politics, Tesla, and foldable phones… A CHANGING SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE It would be impossible to discuss the biggest stories in the world of technology without giving a nod to social networking sites. Facebook started the year in a rough state, hot off the heels of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other major data breaches and controversies , and though nobody can say the company has recovered, it has worked hard to rebuild trust and reputation amongst users and investors. The company announced in January that it planned to merge its…

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how tech titans listen in on voice recordings

VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS COMPLICATE THE PRIVACY ISSUE When you speak to a virtual assistant on your mobile device, wearable, computer or smart speaker, it’s easy to assume that it’s a truly private conversation between just you and the assistant. However, numerous revelations in recent weeks and months will, for many people, have cast significant doubt on that theory. Many big-name tech companies have been listening in, albeit reportedly only in a select few, carefully justified instances. Do we have reason to be worried? TECH GIANTS CAUGHT WITH THEIR HANDS IN THE COOKIE JAR For years, user privacy has been a major issue in the tech sphere. This has undoubtedly been exacerbated by the Cambridge Analytica scandal that engulfed Facebook last year and saw the social media company come under fire for its handling of…

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work for apple: 2.4 million us jobs and counting

As Apple reveals its US jobs footprint has grown to 2.4 million, we pull back the curtain on one of America’s biggest employers, explore how the firm has transformed the technology industry, and explain how anyone can make a living from Apple and its ecosystems… 2.4 MILLION JOBS AND COUNTING More than three decades ago, Andy MacKay and four friends founded Maccor, which today has earned a reputation as the number one manufacturer of battery testing systems in the world. For a company like Apple, battery testing is critical - in fact, the company cannot ship a single unit without first ensuring its batteries are safe and reliable. That’s why, for a number of years, Apple has depended on the team at Maccor and its expertise in its field to power its…