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journalism & technology it's in reporters' hands to change the record

IT’S WITHIN REPORTERS’ HANDS TO CHANGE THE RECORD April 18, 1930, 20:45. The BBC’s news announcer took to the airwaves for his daily evening broadcast and calmly uttered the words, “there is no news ” to the UK. Then, for the remaining 15 minutes of the news broadcast, piano music was played instead. It’s just one occurrence that signifies just how emphatically different journalism’s relationship with technology – and by extension, its audience – once was when compared to today. Even though this has become a noteworthy news event in itself, nearly 90 years on, it’s practically impossible to imagine there being a ‘no news’ scenario now. For more than 20 years, technology has been transforming both the production and consumption of news, creating new opportunities for writing, engaging with content and…

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new cinema: from box office to your iphone

With movie admissions in the US at a ten-year low, we take a closer look at how technology is transforming the way we consume Box Office content, from the Big Screen to the Small Screen in our pockets, explore how Netflix is changing the game with multi-million dollar film productions, and consider the impact of Apple’s upcoming streaming service on the sector… THE BOX OFFICE Whilst, on the surface, it may appear as though consumers are spending less time and money at their local movie theatres, the American film industry generated $32 billion in revenue last year, increasing around 2 percent year on year. According to research firm IBISWorld, the industry has “grown sluggishly in recent years and movie theater growth has increasingly come from ancillary concessions,” although demand is expected to…

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millennials global dream: inventions, ideas & ideologies

THE ASPIRATIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF AN OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD GENERATION It’s been a decade since the world boasted its first YouTuber to gain one million subscribers. By contrast, by the end of 2018, there were more than 4,600 channels with more than two million subscribers each . These still rather select individuals are part of something now much, much bigger; a generation of entrepreneurs who have made a living not where others failed, but where nobody else has ever found success before. That’s not to suggest that some haven’t failed, however. For every Fred Figglehorn – the fictional character of Lucas Alan Cruikshank that became the first YouTuber to hit one million subscribers – there are thousands of others who haven’t been able to command the same level of attention online. The point…

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2020: what to expect in tech

The 2010s represented a real change in the world of technology, changing the way we work, live, and communicate. But where are we headed next, and what can we expect to happen in 2020? This week, we take a closer look at innovations that are just around the corner… 2020 IS ALL ABOUT 5G Perhaps one of the biggest changes expected to hit the market in 2020 is 5G technology, promising super-fast download and upload speeds, more stable connections and unlimited possibilities for new apps, software, and hardware. Though the United States, the United Kingdom, and China have already begun to turn on networks in parts of their countries , it won’t be until the end of 2020 when we begin to see widespread adoption of the new tech . Some of the…

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the curious ‘pivot to privacy’ among the tech giants of 2019

FACEBOOK AND APPLE BOTH MAKING IT A PRIORITY Change is afoot. After a year now infamous for a range of publically appalling data harvesting debacles, tech giants have taken a look at their practices and begun to change the way they approach data security and privacy. Or, to look at it another, more cynical way – tech giants have acknowledged our need for privacy, made more pertinent by how poorly they managed it in the past, and decided that this is how they can capitalize on it, from here on. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg (he of the Cambridge Analytica scandal ) published a new, “privacy-focused vision for social networking”. Zuckerberg now believes that “the future of communication will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to…

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737 max the questions behind automated systems

NEGOTIATING THE DIVIDE BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE Admittedly, this isn’t the most positive topic, but Boeing’s recent troubles have introduced us to a technologically focused conundrum that we may keep running into for the next few years. Two horrific commercial plane crashes in the space of just six months, causing the tragic deaths of some 326 passengers and flight crew, have led to the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX worldwide. In October last year, Lion Air Flight 610 crashed in Indonesia , killing everybody on board the aircraft. Shortly after takeoff at 06:20, the pilots experienced a problem establishing their correct speed and altitude; an error also experienced the last time the plane flew. Outside the plane, an ‘angle of attack’ sensor had falsely indicated that the plane’s nose was too high,…