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california restaurants envision big changes in reopening

California restaurants have drafted a plan to allow the industry to reopen for sit-down dining with an array of safeguards while avoiding possible requirements imposed in other states that customers have their temperature taken or the number of tables be dramatically limited. The recommendations, obtained by The Associated Press, are to be submitted to Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday. They envision a changed world within dining rooms, as an industry built on face-to-face contact and crowded tables looks for ways to safely conduct business and avoid the spread of coronavirus. Only family members or people who live together would sit at the same table. Buffets, salad bars and shared bread baskets would be out. Salt and pepper shakers could be replaced by bottles of hand sanitizer. And meals could arrive from food…

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tesla hits target to qualify ceo elon musk for big payday

Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears to have hit all the milestones he needed to receive a stock award now worth about $730 million, a payday that will further pad the eccentric billionaire’s vast fortune. The electric car maker ended Wednesday with an average market value of $100.4 billion for the past six months, according to data drawn from FactSet Research. That was the final hurdle that Tesla needed to clear for Musk to receive nearly 1.69 million stock options priced at $350.02. Tesla’s stock closed at $782.58 Wednesday, translating into a pre-tax gain of about $730 million if Musk were able to exercise them immediately. But Musk can’t sell the newly awarded stock for at least five years after he receives the options, according to the company’s most recent quarterly report. That…

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nintendo marks profit jump as people stay home amid pandemic

Japanese video-game maker Nintendo Co. scored a 33% jump in annual profit, as people stuck at home turn to playing games. Kyoto-based Nintendo, which did not break down quarterly numbers, said Thursday its sales for the fiscal year through March rose 9% from the year before to 1.3 trillion yen ($12 billion). Nintendo, behind the Pokemon and Super Mario franchises, reported a profit of 258.68 billion yen ($2.4 billion) for the fiscal year, up from 194 billion yen a year earlier. Nintendo said so far it had escaped major damage from the virus outbreak. Consumers unable to visit stores due to shutdowns have instead turned to online purchases. Video gaming is a popular stay-at-home activity, and Nintendo’s new “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” has proven to be a hit, selling 13.4 million units in the…

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zoom buys security firm keybase

Zoom Video Communications is buying security firm Keybase in an effort to shore up security for its video meetings. Terms of the deal were undisclosed. Zoom has been working to improve the security of its video meetings after some lapses in privacy and security as Zoom meetings grew more popular during the pandemic. Keybase is Zoom’s first acquisition. The company will help Zoom implement end-to-end encryption, a type of security which means Zoom has no access to the contents of encrypted data. Zoom says it will publish details of the encryption design on May 22 for feedback. Zoom, which boasts 300 million users, had the luck to be in the right place at the right time just as millions of employees around the world suddenly found themselves ordered to work from home. But…

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global luxury goods sales to slide up to 35% - study

The global luxury goods sector is heading for a stunning collapse of up to 35% this year due to coronavirus lockdowns, according to a new study by the Bain consultancy published Thursday. Bain Partner Claudia D’ Arpizio said it would take two to three years to return to 2019 global sales of around 281 billion euros ($303 billion) -- with the forecast decline much steeper than the single-digit drop recorded after the 2008-9 crisis. The coronavirus crisis is expected to lead to a spate of mergers and acquisitions of weakened brands, the closure of single-brand stores and reshaping of already suffering U.S. department stores, D’Arpizio said. Customers are also likely to emerge from global lockdowns with a new set of priorities. “The psychological aspects will probably reshape these markets for good. There was…

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travel crushed by virus; mortgage availability worsens

The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a shock to the global economy with unprecedented speed. Following are developments related to national and global response, the work place and the spread of the virus. TRAVEL & LODGING: All aspects of travel, road, rail and air, have been transformed during the pandemic. Many hotels remain vacant. — JetBlue Airways swung to a $268 million loss in the first quarter. It made a $42 million quarterly profit last year. Revenue slumped 15%. President Joanna Geraghty said bookings remain “extremely limited.”The New York carrier said that after negotiations with Airbus, it cut $1.1 billion in aircraft expenses through 2022. It’s taking $936 million in federal relief and has applied for another $1.1 billion in loans from the U.S. Treasury. — Air France-KLM suffered a first-quarter…