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The Nation September 23, 2019

The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine and is independently published. The Nation speaks to an engaged audience as a champion of civil liberties, human rights, and economic justice. The Nation breaks down critical issues with lively editorials, in-depth investigative reporting and analysis, as well as award-winning arts coverage. Publisher and Editor: Katrina vanden Heuvel.

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Attention Must Be Paid I was very pleased to see that The Nation carried a cover story in its Aug. 26/Sept. 2 issue [“Peace Now?” by Jonathan Levi and Marta Orrantia] on the situation in Colombia. The article appropriately focused on the integration of former FARC guerrillas into civilian life after surrendering their firearms to United Nations monitors as part of the peace accords entered into with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos. The authors are correct to note that the successor administration of President Iván Duque has failed in several respects to fulfill the requirements that the peace agreement established. As the article points out, the government has not provided the resources needed to develop farm-to-market roads, educational facilities, and health clinics in rural areas. One matter of importance that…

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On August 24, at midnight, 20,000 AT&T workers walked off the job. Big strikes are surprising enough in the post-Reagan era, but this one spanned nine of the 13 states that once made up the Confederacy. Although slavery officially ended in 1865, the political elite in the South never let go of the idea. The legal structures that endorsed first slavery and then Jim Crow finally settled on right-to-work laws. The AT&T strike, which lasted four days, began over basic demands for human freedom and dignity. Christopher Walterson is the president of the Communication Workers of America Local 3122 in Miami. According to him, as contract negotiations got underway, workers began showing their solidarity by wearing union insignia: The wire technicians put on an SPF-rated UV protection arm sleeve, a layer you…

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missile mania

On August 2, in a brazen attack on the arms control architecture forged by US and Soviet leaders during the Cold War, the United States formally withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The 1987 accord banned the possession of ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers—weapons intended for nuclear or conventional combat on a regional battlefield, such as Europe, but not for intercontinental strikes. Less than three weeks later, on August 18, the Defense Department test-fired a cruise missile that would have violated the treaty, were the United States still in compliance. That test was intended less as a technology assessment than as a political statement—to demonstrate the Pentagon’s determination to rapidly field an array of treaty-noncompliant weapons and put China and Russia…

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by the numbers

Sea Change 21 Years until the sea level is projected to rise by 12 inches in Florida’s Miami-Dade County 20% Area of Miami that will be underwater if the sea level rises by 12 inches 380 Estimated number of tidal floods that Miami-Dade County will experience every year with a 15-inch rise $1.7T Property value at risk of being wiped out by a sea-level rise in South Florida by 2030 2.4M Number of people who live less than four feet from the current high tide in Florida $3.2B Amount needed to build barriers to shield just Miami-Dade County from sea-level rise…

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are gratuities ever gratuitous?

Dear Liza, I am hoping that you can help resolve a disagreement between my partner and me about tipping in shops with counter service. She thinks that it is appropriate to tip—and tip generously—whenever there is a tip jar out. I feel that a tip is merited when you are getting food brought to your table or occasionally if someone makes you a fancy coffee. An important note is that she grew up in the US, whereas I am from the UK. So many places now have tip jars. I sometimes tip in the supermarket if they bag my groceries. But should we tip at the local bakery when they slice the bread for us? What about in the local bodega where I serve myself soup? We both have professional jobs…

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called it!

Last year The Nation published “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe,” an investigation by Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie into the decades-long campaign to manipulate media coverage and persuade government officials (as well as the public) that cell phones are safer than the independent science suggests. The authors showed the industry’s own researchers privately warned that there were “serious questions” about wireless radiation’s links to cancer and genetic damage. In August the Chicago Tribune published its own research, which measured how much radiation simulated body tissue absorbed from 11 cell phone models. The tests found that some phones were over the legal exposure limit. Now Apple and Samsung have been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging that the companies “intentionally misrepresented” the safety of their devices. The…