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Infantil & Adolescentes
The Week Junior

The Week Junior


The Week Junior is a brilliant current affairs magazine for children aged between 8 and 14. It’s filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious young minds and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them.

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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2 minutos
clean-up begins after storm dennis

Rescue teams have swung into action across the UK after the country was hit by Storm Dennis over the weekend of 15–16 February. Hundreds of homes were flooded and several people died. It is the second storm to hit the UK in two weeks, after Storm Ciara the previous weekend. Ireland and other countries in Europe have also been affected. What happened? Wind speeds of up to 91mph swept across parts of the country, and some areas had more than a month’s worth of rain in two days. This led to a record number of flood warnings for England on 16 February, with 595 separate alerts. At the time The Week Junior went to press, more than 400 homes had been flooded, and six people had died because of the bad weather.…

1 minutos
ghost ship washes up

In August 2019, the cargo ship MV Alta was spotted floating in the Atlantic Ocean with nobody on board. On 16 February, during Storm Dennis, the ship finally ran aground on the coast of Cork in Ireland. Now, the mystery of what happened to this ghost ship (a ship that is found drifting at sea without any crew) might finally be revealed. For now, Cork Council is asking people to stay away from the vessel until it can be inspected. The MV Alta was built in 1976 and was thought to have been hijacked in Guyana, in South America, where it was being repaired in 2017.…

1 minutos
australia hosts huge fundraising concert

On 16 February, a 10-hour fundraising concert was held in Sydney, Australia, to raise money for those affected by the bush fires. More than 70,000 people attended the concert, which had performances from local and international acts. The bush fires started in September 2019, causing damage across a huge area. The fires burned 120,000 square kilometres of land, destroyed thousands of homes, and at least 33 people have died. The concert was named Fire Fight Australia, and raised around £5 million on the day, with more donations expected after the concert is shown around the world. The money will be used to help fire-fighting services and communities who have suffered because of the devastating blazes. Money will also be given to animal welfare groups. Bush fires are a common event at this…

1 minutos
young activist wins bravery award

A17-year-old environmental campaigner from Northern Ireland has won the top prize at the first ever Amnesty Brave Awards. The awards celebrate people from across the UK who are making a positive difference within their communities. Anna Kernahan won the award for her commitment to weekly climate strikes. She has skipped school every Friday for six months so that she could campaign for better action on tackling climate change (the long-term change in world weather patterns, including rising temperatures, mostly caused by human activities). The awards were organised by Amnesty International UK – part of a global organisation that campaigns for human rights. Human rights are basic freedoms that everyone in the world should have, such as the right to education and freedom from slavery. Kernahan is part of the Fridays for Future…

1 minutos
it’s an amazing week for…

BILLIE EILISH Billie Eilish’s James Bond theme song, co-written with her brother Finneas O’Connell, was released on 14 February. She is now the youngest person ever to write a Bond theme tune. As The Week Junior went to press, the song looked set to hit no.1 in the UK charts. A VALENTINE’S DAY SURPRISE A calf born on Valentine’s Day has become an online sensation after she was born with a heart-shaped mark on her forehead. The calf, called Be My Valentine, was born in County Antrim in Northern Ireland on 14 February. Farmer James McAuley said he’d never seen such a distinct mark on one of his animals. A DINOSAUR FAN When four-year-old Theo Bisson asked his dad for a model of his favourite dinosaur, he didn’t expect it to be quite so big.…

2 minutos
big changes in cabinet reshuffle

On 13 February, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made changes to the team of politicians who run the Government. This is known as a Cabinet reshuffle. What is the Cabinet? The Cabinet is a group of the most senior members of Government, who are chosen by the Prime Minister. Once in the Cabinet, these politicians are known as ministers. They represent different Government departments, such as health or the environment. What happened in the reshuffle? Johnson made changes to his Cabinet, which he had put together after his party, the Conservatives, won the general election in December last year. The biggest change was made in the role of Chancellor of the Exchequer (the person who manages the country’s money). Sajid Javid resigned (stepped down) as Chancellor. Why did Sajid Javid resign? Javid resigned because Johnson asked…