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Travel Africa

Edition 93

The only international magazine dedicated to exploring Africa's diverse attractions, national parks, wildlife, culture and history. Travel Africa draws on some of the world's top photographers, writers and experts to create an inspiring and practical resource for anyone interested in the world's most exciting continent.

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At some point, each of us has been inspired by a piece of great travel writing. So it is a real pleasure to open this edition with some excerpts from Brian Jackman’s newly-released autobiography, West with the Light, for Brian’s influence on Travel Africa runs deeper than he might realise. The seed for this magazine was sown when we were living in London in the early ‘90s and were struck by how people’s perceptions of Africa were different to the reality we knew, growing up in Zimbabwe. I found it really hard to find the right words to excite people about the Africa I loved. It was clear we would need writers who could evocatively capture the essence of the continent. Having struggled with my own writing, I knew how hard it…

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future-proofing nyungwe

Montane rainforest and marshland come together in Nyungwe to create spectacular biodiversity, a home to endemic primates and birds. But its vast size, extensive borders and challenging topography render it vulnerable to poaching, illegal mining and encroachment from agriculture. To safeguard against this, in October 2020 the renowned conservation non-profit African Parks took on the management of Nyungwe for 20 years, in partnership with the Rwanda Development Board, and its future now looks bright. “Right now, we’re in transition,” African Parks’ Jes Gruner tells me. He’s CEO of the new Nyungwe Management Company (NMC), responsible for running the park. “Our new all-Rwandan Park Management Unit will work on law enforcement, conservation, tourism, and community development.” As ever, community buy-in is vital. “There’s a big community around here and they’ve been very good…

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muli bwanje?

Malawi was the first African country that I travelled to. That was in 1995, and I’ve since returned numerous times and also visited most of its regional neighbours. It’s been a country of ‘firsts’ for me and, as the years have passed, the feeling that it was the perfect place to start my African odyssey has only strengthened. Africa’s ‘warm heart’ quickly established a very secure place in my soul. Malawi offers a flavour of all that appeals about Africa like nowhere else (with the possible exception of the larger South Africa): rewarding safaris, stunning (and varied) scenery, friendly people and even beautiful beaches – and relatively few visitors. Plus, it’s small, relaxed and pretty easy to travel around. Instantly hooked, I soon began working with the tourism industry to raise the…

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why malawi?

“Over the last twenty years the government has partnered with organisations like African Parks and The Peace Parks Foundation to develop our key reserves. They are now better protected, with an enhanced infrastructure. Wildlife has improved immeasurably and more companies have invested. We feel we now offer as complete a wildlife experience as our more well-known neighbours. But Malawi is so much more than a wildlife destination. We have such varied scenery – bush, beach and mountains – and different experiences all within a few easy hours’ drive of each other – plus the friendliest people. The travel between places is an essential part of the experience, stopping in a village or at a viewpoint to ensure Malawi doesn’t pass you by. Soak it up: the journey can show you…

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view finder

FROM THE AIR HELICOPTER To experience what Livingstone imagined when he wrote “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”, a 12-minute helicopter ‘flight of the angels’ is a must, providing breathtaking views of the full 1.7km-wide curtain of water and the gorges. From Victoria Falls and Livingstone. MICROLIGHT For a more natural and immersive experience, get a bird’s eye view from a microlight. It’s just you and your pilot, you can feel the with the wind in your hair – and occasionally the spray on your face as you soar above Mosi-Oa-Tunya (‘The Smoke That Thunders’). From Livingstone only. Guided tours If you’re looking for more facts and insights about the falls, the rainforest and its flora and fauna, and other points of interest, book a guided tour. Average duration…

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counting blessings

A first-ever dedicated checklist of all the sharks, rays, skates and ghost sharks that occur in South African waters, their distribution and current IUCN Red List status, has been published by David Ebert, Research Associate at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity. Sharks and rays are among the most threatened taxa on the planet, some as endangered as rhino and pangolin. The monograph lists that 45 per cent of all shark species and 33 per cent of all ray species in these waters are at risk of extinction. “The long-term benefit is that this has laid the foundation for future research, management and conservation of South Africa’s shark (and ray) fauna,” said Ebert. South Africa is one of the top three global hotspots for sharks and rays, harbouring 204 species and one…