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nature’s best photography africa

2018 Finalists gallery We are very proud of our association with the Nature’s Best Photography Africa competition, and are honoured to profile a selection of images from the 2018 finalists, including the Photograph of the Year, which is featured on page 160. The full winner’s catalogue is available from Leopard take down BY DANIEL VON BACKSTROM (South Africa) HIGHLY HONOURED WILD CATS OF AFRICA BEHAVIOURAL “We criss-crossed the Masai Mara plains in search of the world-renowned migration. We then received a tip from a game ranger informing us of a build-up of a huge herd of blue wildebeest readying themselves to cross. With great excitement we saw a mature male leopard, using the embankment shadows to creep towards an area to attack the wildebeest. In a cloud of dust the leopard launched itself towards it’s unlucky…

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In early 1998, in our fourth issue, we published a story about the challenges facing the Maasai in Kenya’s rapidly modernising economy. Soon afterwards, at a consumer travel show in London, a young East European student spent some time gazing at the cover before asking me: “Is this the face of Africa you should be portraying?” I was in my late twenties and, frankly, hadn’t given much thought to the role we played in how people might view the continent; at that point we simply wanted to share our love for Africa and encourage others to visit. We ended up having a wide-ranging and thought-provoking discussion about the role of the media at a time when cultural tourism was beginning to make a serious impact. The questions raised in that encounter have…

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1 BRIAN JACKMAN African Twilight, page 118 Africa seems to attract the most extraordinary individuals, free spirits blessed with rare talents and unbelievable courage, as epitomised by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith. It was the photographer David Coulson, co-founder of the African Rock Art Foundation who introduced me to them. That was in Nairobi in the 1980s when I was a Sunday Times travel writer. Like me, they had fallen under the spell of the Maasai, the red-robed warrior pastoralists who strode across the East African plains like Old Testament prophets. But while I chose to follow the big cats that shared the Maasai rangelands, Angela and Carol had already set out on a different road, photographing the Maasai and their way of life and then reaching out right across Africa as…

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THIS ISSUE Sarah Baxter, Laura Birtles, Hilary Bradt, Philip Briggs, Justin Fox, William Gray, Emma Gregg, Sophie Ibbotson, Brian Jackman, Lauren Jarvis, Jackson Looseyia, Guy Mavor, Martha Mukaiwa, Heather Richardson, Philip Stander, Mike Unwin, Sue Watt, Lizzie Williams TRAVEL AFRICA EXTRA To receive our free monthly e-mag and occasional newsletters, join our mailing list at We do not share data or allow third party mailings. Your address will be used purely for the Travel Africa newsletters you sign up to in accordance with our Privacy Policy. ON THE COVER Turkana girls, by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, from the book African Twilight. FOOT NOTE A jackal’s footprint sits at the end of each feature in this issue.…

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As a passionate cyclist I like nothing more than getting out on an open road, and I’ve recently discovered the joy of exploring new places by bike. You get a feel for the landscape, the smell of the air, and come across some unexpectedly delightful spots to stop at. I’m drawn to dramatic scenery, and I hanker to cycle from Cape Town to Cape Point, along that most picturesque peninsula with the two southern oceans either side. I believe it is possible also to go mountain biking in Table Mountain National Park, so that’s my Cape holiday sorted. COUNTRY MANAGER UK FOR SWAROVSKI OPTIK…

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plastic revolution sets sail

After two years of R&D, the world’s first 100 per cent recycled plastic dhow was launched in Lamu on International Ocean Clean-up Day 2018, and is expected to sail to Zanzibar in partnership with the UNEP Clean Seas Programme, arriving in time for the Sauti za Busara Festival from February 7-10. It will then be exhibited in Nairobi at the UN Environment Assembly in March. Measuring nine metres in length, the Flipiflopi was built using several tonnes of plastic waste and 30,000 discarded flipflops. “Our objective has always been to share a simple message that single-use plastics don’t make sense. For every piece of plastic the ocean picks up, the tide brings five new pieces. To bring about change, we have to inspire people to rethink their single-use plastic consumption,” says…