Travel Africa July-September 2019

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Recently I attended a number of African travel shows and conferences. They’re stimulating events, bringing together people from across tourism and conservation to share ideas, discuss the challenges being faced and learn about the work being done to produce a better, more rewarding experience for travellers. This is invaluable context for Travel Africa, and there is always much to reflect on. A common discussion was tourism’s role in mitigating the impact of Africa’s burgeoning population on its natural resources, specifically wildlife and the habitats on which it relies. Africa is the last continent to still have truly significant wildlife numbers, and it is important for the health of the planet that this biodiversity is at least preserved, if not expanded. Clearly this is an urgent priority and considerable resources are being poured…

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MIKE UNWIN THE L WORD, P145 “I’ve always had a thing about animals that hunt after dark. As a junior wildlife fanatic growing up in the UK, nothing got my pulse racing quite like the quavering hoot of a tawny owl on a dark November night. Years later, in Africa, the owls and their voices may have been different, but the thrill of their invisible nocturnal presence remained the same (see ‘Owls’, page 30). The African night also brought a symphony of other noises, of course, including the sawing grunt of the leopard, an animal I had been obsessed with since early childhood. Today, however, I unravel that obsession – and whatever it may tell me about myself, still no noise makes me feel more alive.” JACKSON BIKO NAIROBI, P52 “There are Nairobi boys and…

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THIS ISSUE Scott Bennett, Jackson Biko, Phillip Briggs, Phil Clisby, Jacqueline Conciatore, Adam Cruise, Greg Fox, James Gifford, Sarah Gilbert, Carrie Hampton, Lauri Kabuitsile, Dereck Joubert, Mike Main, Mana Meadows, Beth Norton, Don Pinnock, Mark Stratton, Scoupa Tshuruu, Mike Unwin, Melanie van Zyl, Sue Watt TRAVEL AFRICA EXTRA To receive our free monthly e-mag and occasional newsletters by email, join our mailing list at We do not share data or allow third party mailings. Your email address will be used purely in accordance with our Privacy Policy. ON THE COVER Leopard in the Okavango Delta, by James Gifford Relating to the story on page 30, an owl’s footprint ends every feature in this issue…

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AFRICA UTOPIA 2019 SOUTHBANK CENTRE, LONDON 13-15 SEPT Showcasing an exciting line-up of leading artists and voices, Africa Utopia will celebrate and explore Africa and its diaspora’s influence in shaping the way we think about art, culture, race, fashion and society. Opening the festival, The Kuti family will present ‘Afrika Shrine Alive’, an evening of live music and dance, with performers such as Femi Kuti. A chamber ensemble from Chineke! Orchestra will also perform, and there’ll be readings of remarkable letters from black history, a fashion show, comedy showcase and several talks, panel discussions and workshops. “Through music and performance, talks and debate, this vitally important festival has become a beacon of fresh ideas and discovery, pushing culture forward,” said Creative Director Madani Younis. WWW.SOUTHBANKCENTRE.CO.UK WILDLIFE AND SAFARI SHOW HARROGATE CONVENTION CENTRE, HARROGATE 12-13 OCT Make sure to diarise…

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A POCKET GUIDE TO MAMMALS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA BURGER CILLIÉ (SUNBIRD) Many so-called ‘pocket’ guides are pretty bulky – we tried without success in the UK to find a genuinely small pocket guide to African mammals, but found this perfect solution in one of the bookshops at OR Tambo International Airport [Jo’burg]! Very comprehensive in one slim volume and has been well used ever since. (It even includes dung and spoor identification.) BEAT ABOUT THE BUSH TREVOR CARNABY (JACANA) Travel Africa introduced us to the ‘Beat About’ books on mammals and birds. They offer a different type of reference experience and are totally engrossing. Quite sizeable though; not really practical to slip into a pocket, or even into luggage when space and weight are at a premium. HEAT, DUST AND DREAMS MARY RICE AND…

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764 pages may seem a little daunting, even if it is a PDF. Sometimes self-published books can be an indulgence, with an inflated sense of value. So, it was a pleasant surprise to feel so secure scrolling through this guide. The production is basic, with an emphasis on functionality rather than design; it is easy to follow. Yet the majority of images are really impressive, each chosen for a practical reason, sometimes annotated to stress a point. The authors clearly know what they are doing, but they aren’t here to show off. This is not a technical handbook. The authors assume you understand how your camera works, instead focusing on helping you to take better pictures in the Kruger – to find the wildlife and to give you the benefit of…