Travel Africa Edition 91

The only international magazine dedicated to exploring Africa's diverse attractions, national parks, wildlife, culture and history. Travel Africa draws on some of the world's top photographers, writers and experts to create an inspiring and practical resource for anyone interested in the world's most exciting continent.

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On safari, every day ends around the campfire. The sun goes down. The logs are lit: cedarwood in northern Kenya, mopane in southern Africa, attracting visitors from all over the world. Like moths to the flame they come, drawn together by a shared love of wilderness and wildlife to forge a ring of friendship. It is a ritual as old as Africa itself, born in the time when we first stood upright in Olduvai Gorge, building a ring of chairs around the embers to shut out the night and keep the terrors beyond at bay. The drinks go round and so do the stories, of the day’s adventures and the thrills of encountering the resident game; of elephants wallowing at a waterhole and wondrous sights such as wild dogs and serval cats,…

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Here’s to 2021! After everything we have all had to endure in 2020, wouldn’t it be good if we could start doing ‘normal’ things once again: hugging each other, going out for dinner with friends, watching live sport, going to the theatre, working alongside our colleagues, fired up with enthusiasm and hope? And wouldn’t it be nice if our frontline health workers, policemen and women, politicians (yes, even them) and the unsung heroes in our communities were able to take breath and recharge their batteries? They deserve a break. Like many of us, I suspect, I am (a) feeling mentally, physically and emotionally drained by it all, and (b) really, really, keen to get back onto African soil again, to feel her hot dusty earth under my feet and her rejuvenating sun…

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africa in focus

With 3800 images submitted, Wilderness Safaris’ 2020 photography competition again produced some magical images that capture the essence of Africa we all love. Funds raised by the initiative were donated to the company’s Covid-Relief Conservation Heroes programme. We’re delighted to showcase a selection of the winning entries on these pages, but for the full portfolio and further details visit SCALY PROTECTION BY LANCE VAN DE VYVER TSWALU PRIVATE GAME RESERVE, SOUTH AFRICA WINNER: WILDERNESS SAFARIS PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR “When a pride of lions found this pangolin, they thought it was the most entertaining thing ever: a puzzle that moves, but cannot be opened.” SHIELD WALL BY MANOJ SHAH (FAR LEFT) MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA WINNER: AFRICAN WILDLIFE “Baby elephants are inexperienced and oblivious to danger. The adult members take it upon themselves to protect the…

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my beautiful home

An inspiring initiative in the Matobo Hills, in Zimbabwe, is having a dynamic impact on local villages and attracting attention from tourism. Every year after harvesting, the women decorate their huts with intricate designs using charcoal, ash, water and soil. Since 2014 an annual competition has sought to celebrate this fading tradition by rewarding the most beautiful home, and increasing numbers of homesteads now take part, with evermore complex decorations. The 2020 winner, Siphosethu Ndlovu, was chosen from over 800 entrants, and will build a hut at Rowallan Adventure Park in the National Park. Eco-tourism opportunities no doubt await. FOR MORE, VISIT WWW.EKHAYAGAIA.COM…

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the birder’s guide to africa

Now and again a book comes along that breaks the mould and sets new standards for avid naturalists. This is not a field guide. Instead it is something infinitely more ambitious – the whole of Africa’s avian diversity distilled into 544 pages of encyclopaedic knowledge. Covering 2,792 African bird species spread across 68 territories, this is the ultimate bible for the serious lister. Compiled by an author with 25 years of experience in the region, it tells you exactly where and when to find them, everything from grail species such as shoebills and pittas to the ever-present residents of the open savannahs. Its country-by-country summaries are invaluable and pull no punches when it comes to safety. Indeed, rather than track down endemics in Somalia or DR Congo, wise readers may…