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Treadlie Magazine #23 October 2018

Treadlie magazine is for bike lovers, would be bike lovers and those that appreciate great bike design – a magazine devoted to culture, fashion and design. Featuring people and their bikes, bike businesses, cycling cities, bike trail review and products.

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RUSSELL JONES WRITER While my mum was in the hairdressers I used to sneak out to stare at the window of the bike shop next door, too terrified to actually go in. A red and black bike of the local pro stood prominent, etching itself into my heart forever as the bike of my dreams. They didn’t make the team replicas small enough for me, but my mum surprised me that year with a kids-size TI Raleigh McGregor jersey for Christmas – I endlessly skid raced around the block from then on. SIMON DEVITT PHOTOGRAPHER My earliest and fondest memory of riding my bicycle was racing my brother (who was older and much faster) around the cul-de-sac ‘island’ we had outside our childhood home. He invariably got well ahead of me, so much so, that…

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It is with great excitement that I step into the role of editor of Treadlie. I am stoked to work more closely with extraordinary people and learn about the bikes that they ride. And on that note, it’s my honour to introduce this issue. Bikes and activism have always gone hand in hand, and the people in this issue certainly prove this point. Over in New Zealand, Emma McInnes is devoted to her admirable cause to make cities and transport not just easier, but safer for women (pg 38). Meanwhile in New York, Brendt Barbur created the Bicycle Film Festival to share the beauty of cycling with the world – and since 2001 he’s shared it hundreds of times, all over the globe (pg 56). As a reader of Treadlie,…

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SIT AND DELIVER Selle Anatomica saddles are very proudly handmade in the USA – and after learning about the effort that goes into their construction, we’d say there’s certainly a lot to be proud of. Selle Anatomica’s patented Flex-Fly Slot not only looks stylish, but enhances rider comfort. Plus, all saddles like this one (the H1 black copper) are crafted from high-quality leather. selleanatomica.com ONE-STOP SHOP Treadlie alum and fixture of Melbourne’s cycling scene, Malachi Moxon paired with Pilates instructor and cyclist, Carmen Barry to open Northside Locals, their unique take on a cycling shop. Stepping inside, one’s eye goes straight to the Hills Hoist standing proudly overhead and a neighbouring kangaroo statue. Dinky-di delights aside, the store is laden with vintage treasures, art and cycling memorabilia. As well as offering a curated selection of products…

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wheel & pen

Untitled c.1955 Pencil and felt tip pen on graph paper – 31.5 x 22 cm © The Estate of Edwin Tanner. Courtesy Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne. In an excerpt from curator Anthony Fitzpatrick’s catalogue essay for the survey exhibition Edwin Tanner: Mathematical Expressionist, he describes the artist thus: “Though he had abandoned competitive cycling himself as a teenager, Tanner not only continued to keenly follow the sport … his family regularly attended cycle races at the Olympic Velodrome and he collected numerous newspaper articles featuring the champions of the day.” This piece dates back to Tanner’s time as Engineer-in-Charge at the Hydro-Electric Commission of Tasmania – note the letterhead insignia in the top left corner.…

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for posterity!

I don’t know where to look. Sorry, what I mean is I don’t know where to look first – my eyes flit around, capturing snapshots of what is within the reach of each glance. Apart from the plethora of beautiful steel offerings, the floor is also littered with futuristic carbon from the 90s, a time when the imagination and ‘can-do’ attitude of backyard boffins had the big industry manufacturers seriously scrambling to catch up to the fishtail aero offerings that were scribbled on notepads one day and built the next. Yes, in time this innovation was finally stifled by the powers that be, but this is a place where those Frankenstein butterflies are now displayed for us all to see, and are also there for us to let free and…

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prime mover

It’s safe to say that Emma McInnes is obsessed with the idea that cities should be better designed for women. She’s co-founded an action group – Women in Urbanism – to advocate for gender fairness in the master-planning, marched the streets soliciting signatures for change, and petitioned local government. She’s even planned her upcoming holiday to Scandinavia around this passion. “I want to visit Hammarby Sjostad – an eco-village near Stockholm – and am hoping to get a meeting with Lan Marie Nguyen Berg in Oslo,” says Emma. “She’s the vice mayor and her focus is on reducing the number of cars in the city.” Emma also plans to buy a funky Scandi raincoat perfect for this pilgrimage: she can’t wait to wear it as she pedals around Copenhagen where the…