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Treadlie Magazine #24 March 2019

Treadlie magazine is for bike lovers, would be bike lovers and those that appreciate great bike design – a magazine devoted to culture, fashion and design. Featuring people and their bikes, bike businesses, cycling cities, bike trail review and products.

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BRIDGET SOWERSBY PHOTOGRAPHER I used to love the freedom of my bike as a kid. With my little pack of friends we would ride around the neighbourhood for hours trying to catch tadpoles and prank call people on payphones. I had a long hiatus from bike riding until I met my boyfriend, who is bike-obsessed. He encouraged me to get back on the bike and now I ride all the time. I’m now the owner of not one, but two bikes! I love to ride wherever I can – work, parties; we even have a bike tour in Japan coming up this May. When I ride now, I feel that same sense of freedom that I felt as a kid. MATT BEN STONE PHOTOGRAPHER/WRITER Like many, my cycling passion grew from a Christmas present. 1996 is…

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Treadlie is another issue older, and what a pleasure it is to continue to chronicle the most interesting people, places and products in the realm of cycling and beyond. This passing of time makes me think of my own two-wheeled journey. My first memory of a bike was a trike that my grandpa had painted by hand in rather fetching tones of orange and white. I remember bickering with my brother about whose turn it was to ride it through the quiet suburban streets in south east Melbourne – the very same streets my dad, as a kid, had once roamed on a bike of his own. Call me sentimental, but what touches me about cycling is its prominence in family life; a rite of passage passed down from the…

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LOCALLY GROWN The Krankie takes its name from Mt Killiekrankie, located inland from the NSW mid-north coast. Its surrounding ranges were the childhood playground of designer and founder Andrew Graf, who created the Krankie to provide a fun, practical and low-impact means of transport. krankie.com.au PROUD Who says there’s no prize for second best? We love these patches from NYC’s Ostroy because they celebrate the spirit of having a go. ostroy.com NEW LIFE UPSO bags are made from lorry tarpaulins in a Lancashire, UK factory using sewing machines powered by solar energy. The upcycling doesn’t end there, either:old fire hoses and seat belt webbing are also used as components. Did we mention they look super stylish, too? diggari.com.au WRAP IT UP This rubber strap is designed to be handy for on and off the bike. You can use it to…

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wheel & pen

For ten years I’ve been lucky to ride to work and paint at the Abbotsford Convent. I notice while riding that I’m like a wound-up clock that’s less tense during and at the end of the ride. Riding helps me think of ideas to paint. Recent paintings like this one show what you feel when riding. You are part of what is around you; the air, sounds, smells and sights. It was fun for me as many of the figures in the paintings like this one are female. I was inspired by the positivity of empowering people, wanting people to cycle, to match freedom with riding. rickmatear.com @rickmatear PECKISH The Safety Pizza is just about the most appetising high-vis accessory we’ve ever seen. The slices are made of completely waterproof, high-performance non-fraying material and attach…

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the fastest cyclist on earth

In September 2018, Denise Mueller-Korenek became the fastest human on a bicycle. She pedalled to nearly 184 miles per hour (296 kilometres per hour approx.), eliminating the previous men’s record of 167 miles per hour (268 kilometres per hour approx.) and her own women’s record of 147 miles per hour (236 kilometres per hour approx.). People can be confused by this record; it’s unique as it requires a vehicle to create a pocket of air. There is a custom fairing on the back of the race car which creates a pocket for Denise to ride in. Without this, the air resistance would be too strong to cycle above 50 miles per hour (80 kilometres per hour approx.) even on the the pan-flat surface used for the record. The record took place…

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treadlie street

Who? Kate Berry. Occupation? I do too many things. At the moment I’m finishing a book and working on a great project called OK Motels. Check out @okmotels to learn more. Wearing? Jumpsuits, always. Sunglasses I haven’t lost yet. Sparkly socks – matching today. The bike makes the outfit. No matter what I am wearing, the bike will elevate it. Your bike? It’s a bike from the 80s, which was my most prolific cycling era. I found it on Facebook Marketplace and it made me love purple again. It also matches my apartment building. So many things to love. Going? Ha! I’m going to get a Slurpee. Half cola, half raspberry. Why ride? Being on a bike is how I would imagine a dog feels with its head out of the car window. Pure joy.…