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Treadlie Magazine #25 October 2019

Treadlie magazine is for bike lovers, would be bike lovers and those that appreciate great bike design – a magazine devoted to culture, fashion and design. Featuring people and their bikes, bike businesses, cycling cities, bike trail review and products.

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HARRISON SINCLAIR WRITER Riding was merely a mode of transportation during my adolescence, I saw it as a means to not be late to school. It wasn’t until I rode around New Zealand did I realise the sheer joy one feels as they zip down a hill after a gruelling, but rewarding climb. The bike allows you to go slow and enjoy the landscape or conversely speed up and feel the adrenaline percolating. Yes, riding is a mode of transportation, but it’s also a thought-provoker, a travel agent and a stress-reducer all rolled into one. ROMA BODYCOMB PHOTOGRAPHER One of my fondest childhood cycling memories (having recently graduated to two wheels) is from our family trip to Lucca, Italy. On our hired bikes I recall speeding down the cobbled streets, zipping between Fiats and gliding…

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A photo of my bike (and extremities) means that Treadlie is back again! Turning 25 strikes me as the perfect time to reflect on all that Treadlie has achieved. For 25 issues, we’ve served up pages upon pages of glorious bikes – but more than that, we’ve told the stories of the inspiring, talented people behind them, on them and sometimes, standing casually beside them. The passion of the cycling community makes Treadlie what it is; not so much a love letter as a heartfelt record of its past, present and even its future. For starters, I’m excited to present Steve Nutt’s extensive collection of bikes devoted to celebrating Aussie cycling legends (pg 32). Looking further afield, Clare Nattress and Matty Waudby recount their bikepacking adventures all over the globe (pg…

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BIG TIME When it comes to making saddles, Brooks England is tough to beat. We particularly admire the C17 Organic Light because the Cambium Organic Light line replaces the nose and base components of the metal structure with liquid wood – a biopolymer made completely from surplus materials from paper production that’s 100 per cent biodegradable. brooksengland.com DREAMY Why blend in when one can stand out? The Clouds Reflective Leggings are ideal for anyone seeking to rock hi-vis with style. heyreflecto.com.au YOU SOX-Y THING We love to BARWYN and back and we don’t care who knows it.These here Riding Socks combine edgy style with hi-vis practicality. Plus, a lot of thought has gone into ensuring they’re ethically manufactured and they don’t come in conventional packaging to reduce wastage. tobarwynandback.com WISE WORDS Bello Cyclist™ make custom, 100 per cent cotton cycling…

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wheel & pen

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, I grew up surrounded by mountains and spent many hours exploring the numerous nearby canyons by bike. Although I’ve been a dabbling artist on and off throughout my life, it wasn’t until fall of 2014 that I decided to open up shop and sell my pen and ink bicycle illustrations. In the years since, my art has become a major creative outlet for me, and I take great pride in my work. Just as a cyclist is in control of the direction, speed and distance he or she travels, one of the things I truly enjoy about my artistic endeavours is that I am in control throughout the process – the position of each individual pen stroke is up to me, and…

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Some might say Steve Nutt found his passion late in life; at 65. But in five short years he has more than made up for lost time, amassing an astonishing array of Australian and international racing bikes of historical and sporting significance. The size of this collection (between 200–250 bicycles) suggests, if not physically, that the project has been evolving in Steve’s subconscious for many years. Its genesis is a humble Malvern Star 5 Star – the racing bike Steve yearned for as an adolescent in the 1960s. Half a century later he acquired one, then two, and a few more after that. But the numbers don’t really matter now. What’s important are the memories embedded in these bicycles and the people who rode them to victories both famous and forgotten. Steve’s…

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touring artists

An adventure around the world is already a wild idea, but when you add in a couple of Bombtrack Beyond bikes and a whole lot of gear things get even more complicated. Luckily for Matty Waudby, his partner Clare Nattress, aka the Touring Artist, was more than willing to embrace a less-is-more approach after selling “everything [she] didn’t use” back in 2017 to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. “Why buy unnecessary material things? Does this actually make us happy?” Clare asks. “I really scaled down how much I owned. I believe it simplifies your life. It makes for a more content, happier existence, and one which in turn helps the planet. The whole experience and new way of living was the perfect preparation to live off a bike for a year –…