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Treadlie Magazine #19

Treadlie magazine is for bike lovers, would be bike lovers and those that appreciate great bike design – a magazine devoted to culture, fashion and design. Featuring people and their bikes, bike businesses, cycling cities, bike trail review and products.

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KATH DOLAN WRITER My first bike was indescribably disappointing. What I wanted, like every child of the seventies, was a sleek little dragster. What I got one Christmas morning long, long ago was my sister’s massive, devastatingly daggy old hand-me-down spray painted matte silver (that’s grey, Dad) complete with seersucker skirt guard. As it turned out, though, that ugly old boiler served its purpose just fine as my ticket to suburban childhood freedom, of the ‘have fun, just be home before it’s dark’ variety. Oh the endlessness of Saturday afternoons spinning around the neighbourhood with primary school BFF Mandi Barber… CHRIS CRERAR PHOTOGRAPHER I was lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful village running along the western bank of the Tamar River in Tasmania. Bikes gave us freedom to catch up with mates and…

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I would like to thank Faith Hunter for her passion and commitment over the past few years. After taking a back seat, I am enjoying the engagement with cyclists and cycling enthusiasts of all sorts that comes from editing Treadlie. I get a particular thrill when hearing about cities that have successfully shifted their focus from cars to bikes. And when the city is as high profile as London, it feels like the prospect that they may influence others is so much greater. Looking towards cities and casting my eye across Australia it was surprising, but very encouraging, to hear about Canberra’s quietly building cycling profile via our article on local bike builders, Goodspeed. The dynamic duo behind this busy workshop are helping to contribute to the cycling community in a…

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3T There’s been a bit of buzz around this little beauty and it’s always interesting to see how polarising a bike can be – especially a hybrid – but we have to say this is a no brainer for us. If you’re serious about gravel racing, the 3T Exploro is a major contender. The key to its speed is an aero downtube that picks up airflow coming off the front tyre and, along with some other unusual quirks, its what makes this bike something really special. exploro.3tcycling.com DRY AS A BONE Otto Lauterbach and Eleonora Perez are some pretty cool cats with a wealth of artistic and design experience between them. They’ve worked on a lot of projects together – including a family of four – with the most recent collaboration being Otto London.…

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freedom machine

Cycling is a beautiful sport. It’s the kind of activity that can capture anyone’s imagination given the right hook. There’s a rush to it; a happy feeling that never goes away. Sometimes it’s soft, trundling along with you as you cruise around on a sunny day. Other times it’s heart pounding, hitting you in the face after a hard race – cold sweat becoming cool release. It fills you up. Which is probably why, at about 40-years-old, Jeff Provan found himself addicted. He tells me it has something to do with the feeling of liberty, “When you’re a kid you know how good it is; the ability to go wherever you like. Most people, when you see them get back on the bike, you see that same enthusiasm and attraction…

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treadlie street

Who? Olivier Starck, Sydney. Wearing? Blue jeans, brown shoes, a white shirt and a Berghaus Hydroshell jacket on the top of the hoodie – great against the wind and the rain. Bag: Ortlieb waterproof because it fits my laptop, note book and spare clothes with plenty of space left. Helmet: Lazer Armor Your bike? An electric bike: the Easy Motion Evo Cross 2016 Is there a story behind it? Simple really, I wanted to find a way to commute faster to the ferry without having to rely on public transport and sweat in my work clothes. Going? I was on my way to our client’s offices. Why ride? I could have bought a second car, or a scooter for that matter, but paying for fuel and insurance was annoying plus I am not a huge believer of…

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compact simplicity

Nobody knows for sure who made the first folding bicycle. Several patents were issued in United States, France and Britain in late 1800s, but very few machines survive, and it’s unclear whether some of the designs were ever built. One of the earliest examples is Englishman William Grout’s design from 1878. Not technically a folding bike, Grout’s Penny Farthing had a folding front wheel and a frame that could be pulled apart for storage and transportation. An early success was known as the Captain Gerard folding bike – although Gerard was more involved in marketing than design. In 1890, the bike was adopted by the French army, followed by the armies of Russia and Romania, and by the 1900s there were several manufacturers, most notably the Birmingham Small Arms company. Folding frames…