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Vogue Australia April 2019

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editor’s letter

As I write this on International Women’s Day, I am struck by the swell of conversation it encourages. An ongoing dialogue about women has always been our focus at Vogue. The current era emboldens us to feature more from the inspiring voices and identities who have graced our pages, including Hollywood actors, European designers and homegrown talents. For this issue, we photographed Natalie Portman, who visited Melbourne recently to attend the National Gallery of Victoria’s annual gala. In her interview, the actress applauds Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri for introducing feminism to the broader fashion world and for her innate understanding of designing for women. “It’s been amazing having Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior – I feel like a woman knows what another woman wants to wear!” she says. “And…

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in memoriam

Few in the fashion world have ever loomed as large as Karl Lagerfeld. A true creative who was never limited by borders and boundaries, real and imagined, we will miss him from this corner of the world, a place that his singular eye managed to reach and where it found a rich well of inspiration. From Jenny Kee’s vibrant opal print that caught his attention all the way from Paris, which he used in his first-ever collection for the house of Chanel, he has championed Australian talent and recognised our brightest stars for decades. He found creative and personal synergy with our homegrown forces – Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Baz Luhrmann, Margot Robbie and more. Vogue Australia photographed Lagerfeld in 1997 for the first iteration of our ‘Vogue 180’ series, which documented…

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hitting her stride

Vogue has been doting over Italian-English racing heir Francesca Cumani for quite some time now, as has the rest of the country, which has gone on to embrace her as one of its own. Gracing the pages of Vogue in May 2014, styled in an assortment of tailored Giorgio Armani blazers and her own perfectly worn R.M. Williams boots, the equine enthusiast was captured by celebrated photographer Hugh Stewart on the outskirts of Scone in rural New South Wales. As we rein in the upcoming racing season, Vogue looks back at the equestrian dynasty’s quintessentially Australian shoot, showcasing the rolling hills of the state’s Upper Hunter. Descending from a long line of racing royalty, it seemed inevitable Cumani would end up working with horses during her life. “I never felt like I…

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lightness of being

The wonderful thing about coming to Sydney in 2003, as a magazine fashion director, was that it allowed me to meet a lot of fantastically talented people. At the time there was a real fashion renaissance in Australia, with all the young designers of labels such as Camilla and Marc and Ksubi emerging. So I was blessed to be in the right place at the right time, and be part of this creative wave of young people. It’s what I really enjoyed the most, to be part of a much bigger creative process than just being a fashion director. It was a moment in time. I was obsessed with what I wore. So when I arrived I wore a lot of Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, all of that, but then I…

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CLAUDIA NAVONE Tasked with writing a first-person essay (page 44) on the life-changing spiritual experience that inspired her to write a book, Florence-born “teacher of consciousness” and former fashion director Claudia Navone says that through her piece she hopes to “convey the message that we can all transform our consciousness … that it is possible to become happy, peaceful and the creator of a reality we love”. Dividing her time between Florence, London and Ibiza, Navone has no plans to settle down any time soon. “Travelling is a key element of my spiritual journey and will remain so for a long while,” she says. MELISSA LEVY “It’s an incredible honour to work with Vogue Australia; the team behind the publication are pushing boundaries,” says New York-based Australian-Filipino stylist Melissa Levy. Working with American…

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beyond the pale

SUGAR POP The obvious thing would be to match pastel with pastel, so one up it with a swathe of the unexpected, like a nearly neon skirt. CANDY COAT Neutrals have had their time in the sun, so think of ice-cream shades as their warmer, more optimistic replacements. Swap out that classic camel coat for a fuzzy shade of strawberry milkshake. ORANGE FIZZ Starting with a base tone and dialling it up is the quick path to energising a wardrobe: try orange sherbet with a kick of electric tangerine. NO SHRINKING VIOLET Some of the season’s most memorable hues come from the less-diluted end of the pastel spectrum, like Parma violet. Pair with understated black, and go. GLISTENING SKILLS Keep it light, or so is the lesson for dabbling in glittering pieces. Sticking to soft colours makes shine and…