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Vogue Australia May 2019

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editor’s letter

May has become one of my favourite issues every year, because of our focus on Mother’s Day. I’ve been a mother for a long time now – 13 years – so it’s not a new theme for me personally. Likewise, I have not discovered that elusive work-life balance that is so regularly a topic of discussion. But I have learnt a few things along the way, often through creating or reading these pages. I’ve learnt that motherhood is not a requirement of mothering. To me, motherhood is about so much more than who gave birth. I’ve learnt that motherly love is infinite and that you can love children you bring into your family later in life in the exact way you love your own, and without favour. I’ve learnt that teenage…

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AMANDA SHADFORTH Amanda Shadforth, director of digital fashion and style destination Oracle Fox, opened up about her choice not to show her children on social media in a first-person essay in this issue (see page 72). Confessing she was nervous about touching on the topic so publicly, “as I’ve made quite an effort to keep my family out of the spotlight”, Shadforth revealed she was grateful for the opportunity to inspire women to find a balance when it comes to sharing online. “Everything is permanent,” she says, advising others to “be mindful of the possible long-term effects of sharing on social channels”. PRISCILLA ONO “It was such a wonderful experience and I was so honoured to be a part of this exciting moment,” says Priscilla Ono, Fenty Beauty’s global make-up artist, of Rihanna’s…

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one enchanted day

The same year Australian actress and film producer Teresa Palmer attended her first Oscars, the homegrown beauty graced her first-ever cover of Vogue Australia. Joined by sons Bodhi and Forest, Palmer captivated in an assortment of ethereal gowns from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Céline. The day after being shot by revered fashion photographer Nicole Bentley in a shoot in Sydney’s Centennial Park, which was transformed into a children’s fantasy playground, Palmer left for Los Angeles with Vogue’s then deputy editor, Sophie Tedmanson, in tow. As they hiked the Hollywood Hills, the actress talked all things family and fame for the pages of the May 2017 issue, reminding her Australian audience why we’re so proud to call her our own. Cut to 2019 and Palmer’s star continues to rise as…

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a fine drop

In 1951, when I was 14 years old, I had to undergo an operation to have a lung removed and I received 13 units of donated blood. I said to my father, who was a blood donor in those days, that I felt an obligation to give back and that when I was 18 – the legal age to give blood – I would start donating. I gave my first donation two days after my 18th birthday and I donated a total of 1,175 times over the next 60-plus years. It’s a good feeling to know that at least I can do my part to give back to an unknown person who saved my life. Back in 1967, after I had been donating whole blood for some years, doctors made the…

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for a change

SHIRT FRONT Step forward, the newest addition to all our wardrobes: the shirt dress. Roomier than its predecessors and more literally riffing on shirts – Givenchy’s classic style to Loewe’s rugby jersey – it allows for layering beneath when the air has a chill. ONE-UP THEM Another power all-in-one is the jumpsuit. Try it in hardworking denim to put its utility to the fore. Add sandals for mild days and then closed-toe heels for cool nights. GIRLS IN BLUE Though it’s a classic, the denim jacket can find little room for use between increasingly lengthy summers and snap winters. Capitalise on the window by pairing it with a lady-like pleated skirt. FOLLOW SUIT Throw-on jackets are bedrock when traversing seasons. Blazers take their rightful spot on high rotation, but this time engage in proportion play for extra…

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hey, stud

The original accoutrement of seditionaries, studs are shorthand for subversion, so what’s calling out to us this time around? It’s the way they’re strewn across work shirts, encrusting nine-to-five collars, lining outerwear and dotting accessories. The latter looks like a dainty embellishment on first glance, but check back and they’re adding a little shout to a day bag or some grit to a pair of classic pumps: they make for a perfect pairing with leather, after all. Our world is polarised, so it takes a strong head not to spin out too far toward one side over the other. The same goes for our style choices – fortitude with frivolity, steel with sweet. We can be everything all at once, and look good at the same time. PETE LENNON MAKE-UP: MOLLY…