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Vogue Australia August 2019

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editor’s letter

When Elle Macpherson featured on the cover of Vogue Australia’s 30th anniversary issue, Time magazine had just labelled the then 25-year-old ‘The Body’. It was 1989 and the crew, headed by photographer Graham Shearer, travelled to Western Australia to shoot on Broome’s Cable Beach and amid the surrounding bushland. The ensuing images were classic Elle: sun-kissed skin, windswept tresses and those long, long limbs. Fast-forward 30 years (yes, really) and it’s astounding just how little Elle has changed. She may be older and wiser but still has that body, and effortlessly owns the laidback tousled beach look like no other. The biggest difference today, of course, if that she’s now mum to two grown sons – Flynn, 21, and Cy, 16 – who are just as genetically blessed as their mum…

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AKO KONDO While Australian Ballet principal artist Ako Kondo is no stranger to strength and beauty, she says she felt like Wonder Woman on the set of her first shoot for Vogue Australia (see page 144). “The experience with the team was incredible,” says Kondo of the feature inspired by her leading role in Sylvia . “It’s a special feeling to know [ Vogue has] an interest in the arts industry and what we do here at the Ballet.” As for her favourite part of the day, Kondo says it would have to be the moments that followed the application of clay to her body. “Once the clay was on, everyone’s energy on set escalated and we all were so excited.” FUYAO Beijing-based model Fuyao was scouted by Vogue Australia’s fashion editor and…

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in plume

AS VOGUE AUSTRALIA prepares to kick off its 60th anniversary celebrations with an archival exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in Canberra, we remember one of the our most iconic images. This portrait of Elle Macpherson, which will be on proud display as part of the highly anticipated NPG showcase, was shot in New York City by LA-based fashion photographer Andrew Macpherson for our March 1995 issue, and encapsulates the multi-hyphenate’s transcendent beauty. “Elle is so easy and professional to work with … any day with her is always a breeze,” recalls the photographer of the shoot. In the years since this portrait was taken, Macpherson has gone on to cement her place in the fashion industry. Now, as one of a series of home-grown names who have forged trailblazing paths,…

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on the record

AROUND THE TIME I began writing Three Women – about the desire and love lives of three ordinary women across the United States – my friends and I were single and dating in New York, though dating is a strong word for what happens in New York, indeed in all large cities across the world. It was unravelling when men did not write back and then after a week texted the various iterations of: “u up?” Only slightly more than it was unravelling was how it intrigued me. Desire – our own and that of others – is at once all we think about and talk about, and also something we hold close and bury deep. I wanted to explore the nuance of that intersection. I began writing my book thinking…

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time after time

LAYER UP As winter persists, the leather shirtdress beckons. Whether layered over contrasting long sleeves or paired with a waist-cinching belt (the 80s throwback was the accessory du jour on the autumn/winter runways), the shirtdress presents diversity of styling in spades. SKIRT THE ISSUE Louis Vuitton returned the lesser-known skirt-suit to front of mind in butter-soft leather, pointing to its versatility and instant cool. This just-cropped-enough bomber and coordinating mini can be paired together or worn alone, allowing for easy layering that gives shape and sharp tailoring in one go. LEAN IN Streamlined silhouettes are reigning, with Bottega Veneta no exception. Usher in new elegance with the minimal leather dress. The unsung sartorial hero is most stylish when counterbalanced with statement pumps, which reimagine shape and bring nuance to maximise the dress’s potential. STAY GOLD Reset the…

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play the classics

OF ALL THE conveniences afforded by the world we live in, there is one that has us particularly vexed. TED Talker and marketing professor Baba Shiv illustrated the issue with two groups of students in a famous study: one was given a plethora of tea flavours to choose from, the other a meagre few, before each group was tasked with solving puzzles. The group given fewer choices of tea were proficient puzzle-solvers, unencumbered by any doubt they had just made the wrong selection, while those faced with multiple sorts solved far fewer puzzles. Oh, options. We are all in a mire of fashion choices in 2019, standing in front of a tower of clothes, and the impulse is to turn away. With the abundance in front of us – Frills! Volume!…