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Vogue Australia September 2019

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editor’s letter

Three beauties with uniquely Australian sensibilities and backgrounds – Margot Robbie, Adut Akech and Charlee Fraser – headline this September issue. Margot is captured by photographer Mario Sorrenti and styled by her friend, fashion director Christine Centenera, on four collectable covers that are as diverse in personality as her characters are on screen. Quentin Tarantino, who directed her in the blockbuster film Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood, alongside Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, sat down with the actress for Vogue to discuss her meteoric rise to fame and quiz her about how she got there and where she came from – see page 188. Margot’s mum, Sarie Kessler, highlights her tenacity and individuality, which Sarie says was obvious from the beginning, in a touching conversation with her daughter, from…

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ANDREW NUDING For London-based fashion photographer Andrew Nuding, a dream came true when he got to work with Adut Akech for this issue. “I remember watching her walk for Simone Rocha in 2018 and thinking that I would love to photograph her one day,” he says. Describing the theme of the shoot as “a sort of dark romanticism”, Nuding says: “We shot on the grounds of this beautiful dilapidated castle ruin in the Blue Mountains and photographed Adut in the pockets of light coming in from the windowless frames of the building, as well as on the grounds of this overgrown, tranquil landscape.” KAILA MATTHEWS Vogue Australia’s market editor had one of her busiest months yet since joining the team back in February 2018. She worked across every shoot in this issue, including…

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golden girl

MARGOT ROBBIE HAD just arrived in Hollywood when she first covered Vogue Australia. Having captivated audiences as Leonardo DiCaprio’s gold-digging wife in Wolf of Wall Street , she instantly picked up a slew of new roles, including starring alongside Will Smith in Focus and playing Jane in The Legend of Tarzan . Looking back on the shoot for the March 2015 issue, photographer Alexi Lubomirski noticed Robbie’s rising star quality. “She knew how to use her body to convey an emotion in front of the camera, which is always a blessing for a photographer,” he remembers. “She was very warm, friendly and unaffected.” The shoot took place in a studio in New York City that had been carefully styled to look like an old boudoir. Lubomirski had asked Robbie to play the…

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my father’s story

I’M NAMED AFTER my father. Stan is his name. To his family he’s Black Horse. He got the nickname because as a young boy he used to run around with tin cans tied to his feet and hands, imitating a horse. And he’s black. He’s black, Dad: black in a way I am not. It’s a blackness that comes not just from the colour of his skin, but the depths of his soul. It is blackness that comes from a certainty of being. He belongs here and this place is black. To be black was tantamount to a crime when Dad was growing up. Black meant that he could not be free; not counted fully as a citizen; told where he could live; whether he could swim in a pool or…

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get dressed

HIP TO BE SQUARE The shoulders that Anthony Vaccarello carved out at Saint Laurent – in jutting right angles – reinforced the effect of his overall silhouette this season: a potent dose of pure Parisian classicism and a tip of the hat to the city’s enduring influence. PRETTY IN PLEATS The Egyptians considered pleats to be a symbol of power, but the real takeaway here is that they have endured from era to era and trend to passing trend. Reinstate them as an everyday staple to wear in place of trousers. SWING THING Fashion’s ongoing love affair with the suit has distracted from the power of a perfectly formed dress. Zimmermann’s covered-up leather midi is at once commanding and louchely feminine: its sumptuous skirt adds movement and freedom. FIT TO BE TIED The yin-yang relationship between traditionally…

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divide & conquer

WHO WEARS THE pants? That was the perennial and political question thrown up at the 51st Wimbledon Championships in 1931, when Elsa Schiaparelli dressed tennis champion Lilí Álvarez in a pair of culottes. The bold choice ignited the press, which condemned Álvarez and set the tone for the divisive reception of the pants. Dating back to the 1500s, when they were the exclusive domain of French aristocratic men, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that the ‘divided skirt’ became available to everyone. To resolve the quandary of riding bicycles and horses, women too adopted the silhouette, thereby associating culottes with liberty, practicality and style. “With origins rooted in menswear, [culottes] are an empowering piece, focussing on what they feel like to wear, rather than how others will respond to them,” says Sohyun…