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editor’s letter

The world has watched with rapture the love story of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber unfold, and right now they’re proving their bond is stronger than ever. Despite forging her own successful career as a model and being exposed to fame from an early age (she hails from Hollywood’s Baldwin family, after all), nothing could have prepared the then 21-year-old for the level of scrutiny that followed the pair’s first “I dos” about a year ago. In this month’s exclusive cover story, Bieber opens up to Derek Blasberg in her most revealing interview yet and details life inside their marriage with a level of maturity that belies her youth. As Bieber tells Blasberg, she no longer cares about what “strangers” think about her and has no time for the trolls. “It’s…

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CHELSEA HANDLER Touring Australia this month for her stand-up show Life Will Be the Death of Me , US comedian, talk-show host and activist Chelsea Handler says audiences are in for her most personal act ever. Based on her best-selling book about undergoing therapy, the darkly funny and intimate account wasn’t initially intended for the stage. “I never thought I was going to do stand-up again, because I was so burnt out by it,” says Handler, “but writing my book and being on a speaking tour felt like coming home to all the things I love.” Read her frank and moving piece about personal development on page 52. DEREK BLASBERG Fashion identity and TV host Derek Blasberg interviewed a sun-soaked, bikini-clad Hailey Bieber, who was holidaying with husband Justin Bieber, for her first…

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turn the tide

AS ACCOMPLISHED AUSTRALIAN models Fernanda Ly and Charlee Fraser return to the pages of Vogue in this issue, we revisit the cut-through of their joint April 2018 cover, above. Modelling Céline with aplomb, the two were photographed alongside fellow local talents Akiima and Andreja Pejić. “The cover story held a lot of strength,” Fraser says of the powerful yet deeply personal feature that united four successful Australian models and gave them a platform to share their backgrounds. “It exudes a freedom and confidence [that] the new generation have introduced to the world.” Emblematic of the need to challenge the ingrained and homogenous standards within the fashion industry, the April 2018 cover served to reset the notion of beauty. “With everyone’s unique look and individual stories, I am proud to say [that the cover]…

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handler with care

I HAD ALWAYS put therapy in the same bucket as other things I found annoying, like meditation, silent retreats and kale. I considered people who went to therapy to be weak or self-absorbed. Why wasn’t everyone able to manage things the way I did – just by getting up and bashing on? I believed everyone could try a bit harder to become a little tougher, but I’d never asked myself how I got so tough and why tough was a quality that was so important to me. Some time ago I read Viktor Frankl’s memoir, Man’s Search For Meaning , and wrote down a line from the book that had struck me. Years later, looking through my stuff, I came across that piece of paper and the words stopped me cold:…

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take the lead

ON THE TRAIL A trackside wardrobe that captures the style verve of right now should emphasise a gestural sense of occasion, rather than an overdone stiffness with fussy extras. Tap into the look of a scarf trailing behind, as in this reinvented headband. PUFF STUFF Broad strokes can communicate a mood, like the volume in of-the-moment balloon sleeves. Pick a pepped-up spring print and go. WRITTEN IN BLACK AND WHITE Modern tailoring is best served straight-up in no-nonsense monochrome, especially when dressing for Derby Day, so the emphasis remains on razor-sharp lines brought into relief by the purest white. BLOOMSDAY Frou frou florals read tired this race season, but petal-led prints aren’t going anywhere soon. For a less predictable route, choose dark blooms that hint at a depth beyond pretty-for-pretty’s sake, primed to stand out on Cup…

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up to the neck

AN ODD QUIRK of our modern world is that when a trend swings around, there always seems to exist a label made to cater to it. Such is the case with Edeltrud Hofmann, a line by New York stylist Masayo Kishi, who makes blouses and scarves out of a beguiling mix of silk prints. But the way she sees it, the current taste for pussybow blouses and neckties is a continuation of what was once a style mainstay. “It has a style that certain people always love, and I love,” she says. Spanning the decades, a flourish at the neck was seen most notably on strong trailblazing types such as Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich in the 30s and 40s, then reappeared to curry favour among the newly liberated working women…