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Vogue Australia December 2019

Vogue Australia epitomises the finest in fashion, design and journalism. It enlightens, entertains and inspires by focusing on its position as the authoritative voice in Australian fashion. Vogue Australia combines a modern mix of glamour, style and intelligence presenting the ultimate in fashion, beauty, health, and the arts.

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team vogue

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editor’s letter

In editing Vogue, I have been entrusted with a most privileged stewardship: to tell our own stories and reflect not only who we are, but also who has helped us along the way to our distinct Australian identity and style. It is an unmissable fact that many of these are the truly remarkable women who have graced our pages over six decades – one of the longest histories of a Vogue anywhere in the world. “There are now four Vogues,” wrote Rosemary Cooper in her editor’s letter for the first ever standalone Australian issue in August 1959. “American Vogue, English Vogue, French Vogue and Vogue Australia.” Over the past 60 years, Vogue Australia has grown with Australia and Australians. And in this exciting digital age offering unlimited opportunity, we have so much more…

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the visionary

TO REFLECT ON Vogue Australia’s history is to remember Bernie Leser, the founding father of our magazine. Born in 1925, Leser fled Nazi Germany for New Zealand in 1939 and went on to study business at the University of Auckland. Two decades later, in 1959, Leser was tasked with the lofty challenge of launching Vogue Australia (and later Vogue Living ), persuading mass audiences that high fashion had a place in our society. Leser’s influence was felt beyond our shores, culminating in being named managing director of Condé Nast’s UK operations in 1976 and then president of the US arm of Condé Nast by legendary publishing magnate Si Newhouse Jr in 1987. During his career he also helped launch Condé Nast Traveller , Allure and German Vogue , the latter of…

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year of wonders

WHILE WORKING THIS year on two major projects involving Norman Parkinson, who died in 1990, I was delighted to learn he had contributed images to the first two issues of Vogue Australia. I also discovered that the transparencies had survived in the Norman Parkinson Archive, together with an important unidentified portrait. It turned out to be a sitting with actress Deborah Kerr, taken especially for the magazine, in England. It was in anticipation of her travelling to Australia to appear in the film The Sundowners , with Peter Ustinov and Robert Mitchum. Of most interest was the image used for the first cover of Vogue Australia, which only credits the photographer and not the model. It is in an extraordinary soft focus with an ethereal composition to convey seashell colourings of…

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remembering norman parkinson

Actor Kate Fitzpatrick was in her late 20s when she was invited to be photographed by Norman Parkinson in 1977. They first met at the legendary Sydney restaurant Le Café. At the time it was the place where actors, writers, artists, lawyers and politicians converged. Here she shares her memory of what it was like to work with him. “I was having lunch with friends when someone came over and said Norman Parkinson would like to take my photograph. I looked across the room and a very tall man in a loose white linen shirt and an embroidered skull cap stood up and waved. He had a silver-white moustache, a big Terry Thomas smile and very sparkly eyes. I waved back. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but…

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from the editor’s desk

SHEILA SCOTTER EDITOR 1962 A brilliant and imposing editor, Scotter AM MBE was a force. Known for her sharp wit and impeccable eye, she championed Australian designers, challenged sartorial codes and was exceptionally dedicated to her team – albeit with a fiery admonishment here and there. Born in India and educated in England, she believed Vogue Australia could hold its own in the international arena and set about stamping the magazine’s authority. Her hard work earnt her respect from heavyweights such as US Vogue’s Diana Vreeland, who affectionately called her the “kangaroo editor’”. Scotter passed away in her grand apartment in Albert Park, Melbourne, at the age of 91 in 2012. EVE HARMAN EDITOR 1971 Harman began her Vogue career in a supporting role, quickly rising through the ranks to become a trusted ally to…