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Vogue Australia March 2020

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editor’s letter

I am by nature an optimist and I’ve always looked to the future, which probably comes with the territory when you work in fashion, but lately my resolve has been tested. I returned to work in mid-January to find traumatised staff. At Vogue our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected by the fires, and especially those who have lost loved ones, and our thanks are with the brave firefighters and volunteers who have risked everything to protect us. Australians are resilient – we have to be to live in what can be one of the most inhospitable places on the planet – but this summer has pushed us to the limit. The summer began with us celebrating 60 years of Vogue and welcoming our colleagues from British Vogue , who…

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banding together

TOPPING THE LIST of trending search terms for summer was the phrase ‘fires near me’. I am not surprised. Like so many others, I downloaded a popular app to get the latest information as I prepared to drive through fire-affected areas on my recent holiday break. However, I wasn’t prepared for the sheer intensity of the alerts flooding my phone minute by minute as New South Wales burned through its worst-ever season. It gave me just a tiny insight into what it must be like to live in a bushfire area, constantly watching and waiting, deciding whether to stay or go, and the terrible anxiety of not knowing what you will find when you come back. The only risk to me was disrupted holiday plans. What must it be like when…

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STEPHANIE YAZBEK “Evolutionary dreamscapes from the runway,” is how Stephanie Yazbek, a Sydney-based graphic artist, describes the collages she was excited to create for this issue, from page 82. “With the brief in mind, I’ll have images and ideas flood my mind, then go from there,” Yazbek explains of her process. “I try not to think or plan too much; I let myself go by feeling.” Music, art, architecture, travel and film are among the artist’s inspirations. “I play around and have fun with layered images and scapes until a world is created on the pages in front of me.” ELAINE WELTEROTH It should come as no surprise that Elaine Welteroth, the award-winning journalist who was crowned the youngest editor in Condé Nast history when she took the helm of Teen Vogue in…

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the time to talk

I WAS NINE when my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but it’s only recently that I felt ready to talk about her death publicly. Being open and vulnerable about something so personal and so devastating has taken time. Nine is very young to have vivid memories and with grief, your body goes into survival mode and the brain blocks out much of the trauma. But I do recall that first moment I found out she had been taken to hospital to have an emergency operation. I was called to the principal’s office and remember watching him speak and seeing his mouth move but not hearing his words. I was in shock and it was all so surreal. After that I waited for what felt like hours until someone came to…

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a new way of seeing

CLEAN SWEEP Minimalism has again gotten under the skin of designers who are invoking the simplicity of the 90s mainstay. Try the freedom of an uncomplicated palette cleanser on for size, like a soft ecru head to toe. WRAP MUSIC Enclosed in a blaze of carmine wool, rapper and all-round musical talent Milan Ring lights the way when it comes to the new knits, which should be upbeat in colour and comforting in shape: choose those that hug the body in a wrap of snugness. FLOWER CHILD Just as Ring nods to her predecessors of the 70s – Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix – in her music, take on the earthy spirit and sunny outlook of the era in garden-fresh floral prints best offset with a dose of tie-dye. ELECTRIC FEEL Full-wattage neon has become the…

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no limits

FOR SYDNEY CREATIVE Milan Ring, last year was a milestone: she went a whole year without buying anything new, and that’s to say little of her musical triumphs as a singer, songwriter, producer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist. “I wanted to minimise my possessions and my environmental footprint and not cave in to the fast-fashion culture. I’m really not about it,” says Ring, which makes her the perfect ambassador for a season filled with feelgood clothing. The 29-year-old’s music has an equally good-times feel, with undulating synth-inflected R&B in which you can hear traces of her musical heroes growing up – Aaliyah, Jimi Hendrix (she’s a dedicated guitar aficionado, practising almost every day), Prince and Nas (her dog is named after the New York rapper). With an optimist’s world view that anything is achievable…