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Vogue Australia April 2020

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editor’s letter

Julia Baird is one of the most eloquent voices of her generation and we were privileged to have her in this month’s issue. Having overcome her own serious health challenges, she wants us to think about awe – what it means, why we need it and how we can find it. Her new book, Phosphorescence: On awe, wonder and things that sustain you when the world goes dark, which features on page 120, could not be more poignant or timely. As this issue came together, common themes of overcoming adversity and resilience emerged, which I suppose is hardly surprising given the challenges we are facing. I hope reading this month’s edition will offer you some escapism and remind you how wondrous, clever and creative humans are, starting with our cover talent…

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JULIA BAIRD “I would love it if people would think about awe; what it means, why we need it and how they can find it, not just when on adventures, or out exploring the world, but in their everyday lives,” says acclaimed writer and journalist Julia Baird. In ‘Deep blue wonders’, on page 120, she explores the concept of awe, and its impact on our wellbeing, by sharing her own experience of discovering it via her daily ritual of swimming in the ocean. “Water meditates you, nature calms you, and understanding you are a small cog in an enormous universe is a very healthy way to be,” she says. For those seeking such a sensation, she advises: “Spend time in the ocean, in the bush, in the wild, as much and…

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vocal chords

I DIDN’T CALL myself a feminist until I was 20 years old. Feminism was deliberately and aggressively stigmatised as angry and shrill and unattractive, and when you’re an insecure teenager you don’t want to be perceived as alienating and unattractive, even if it’s for the sake of demanding equality. There were people who were fiercely identifying as feminists in the 90s, but I didn’t have that kind of confidence. In my freshman year of college, I took a class about politics and social justice and the professor asked the class: “Raise your hand if you’re a feminist” and I remember only one woman raised her hand. Then, he went around the room and asked all the other women in the class whether or not we thought we deserved equal rights and…

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big blue

DRESS CIRCLE The shape is familiar, but the overt 80s glamour the brassy buttons on Versace’s mini-dress exude smarten up what could be a day dress for sundowners and beyond. GOOD JEANS In the safe hands of Virginie Viard, the house of Chanel is continuing to produce the kind of polished elegance that forms the backbone of its DNA. This denim-on-denim look is no exception, with Viard accentuating youthful shapes and feminine frills to give the workaday fabric a haute rework. BLUE COLL AR A simple styling switch-up to try now? Sub in a denim shirt like Calvin Klein’s for the usual business button-down and a working wardrobe is instantly revitalised. MAKE A SPLASH Man-style wide-leg jeans can lean a little clunky if not done right. Select a tie-dyed wash like Dior’s, then counter with a style…

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ruby barber

1. “The most beautiful trip I have taken is to [Italy’s] Lake Como in April. The wisteria, camellias and rhododendrons are in full bloom. There is something so enchanting about the lake and the mountains dripping with colourful flowers. It is a sensory overload. One of my favourite holidays last year was [Spain’s] Menorca in September. The weather was perfect, the beaches were empty and there was so much untouched nature.” 2. “I dream about Ricardo Bofill’s La Fábrica regularly. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be there.” 3. “My favourite pieces in my wardrobe are my Alaïa shirt-dress and my Sophie Buhai everyday hoops. For something special I love the splendour of Simone Rocha or the elegance of The Row.” 4. “Right now I’m reading the Neapolitan novels…

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past perfect

UP TWO FLIGHTS of metal stairs in New York’s Chinatown, away from the fug of a drizzly, oppressively humid day, a small air-conditioner rattles away to cool the Bode studio. A team of around six – people are coming and going, having impromptu meetings, and some are obscured by fabric, so taking a head count is difficult – is seated around a white table. Emily Adams Bode pops her head out from behind a rack of clothes to request a moment to finish a discussion about clothing tags. It is a small detail, but at Bode (pronounced BOH-dee) it is important. Swing tags on the clothing, along with blurbs printed on the website, provide a story, telling the wearer about the history of the piece’s fabric, like an artwork exhibition label.…