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Vogue Living January/February 2020

Vogue Living tells stories that engage, fascinate and excite, weaving together a myriad of influences that inspire our lives, be it cultural trends, arts and architecture, a new secret find around the corner, a far flung destination, or a privileged glimpse into a private and compelling world. Interiors, spaces and places, here or there, come vividly to life through their inhabitants and the lens of the camera. Beauty is paramount.

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Partners in design The aptly titled Wisteria Room at the Centennial Homestead in Sydney’s Centennial Park was the setting for the launch of Vogue Living’s fragrance-filled design partnership with Palmolive on a new indulgent range of limited-edition foaming hand washes. Vogue Living editor Rebecca Caratti hosted guests including designer Kiri Vasales and business coach and mentor Alison Morgan over a breakfast with decor, flowers and a custom menu inspired by the scents of magnolia and argan oil and vanilla and sweet almond imbued in Palmolive’s latest cleansers. Beauty, design and publishing industry insiders enjoyed a delicious selection of coconut hotcakes with berry compote, sweet chia puddings and vegan pumpkin toast with cashew cream as Colgate-Palmolive’s Hannah Scott-Evans introduced the new hand washes in two distinctive packaging designs. Dipped in graduating tones…

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top glass

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art and soul

What role does art play in the home? It plays no role unless you assign it one: to memorialise a face or a place, to semaphore success, to offset tax or a damask-covered couch, to console for the endless pressure to acquire, to politicise, to exhilarate, to amuse, to agitate, to reflect, to ruminate, to beautify… Or to serve as a reminder of that over-hyped exhibition where the pinot flowed, the bravura peaked, all reason departed and you purchased a caustically titled bucket and mop and became the patron saint of conceptualism. That is, until a catalogue entry made the work’s intent clear: to clean all idiot art out of contemporary culture. Ah, the gravity of levity when the joke is on you. But hey, Marcel Duchamp changed the entire discourse…

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wine country

We’re sitting in a grand lounge. Smartly dressed waiters are shaking martinis behind a brass-topped bar while quiet groups sit attentively atop pale green sofas nibbling cucumber sandwiches, listening to the captain with his charming Normandy accent welcome us onto his ship. This isn’t the sort of cruise you hear about — all tat and disco balls and Celine Dion cover bands. This is like stepping back into the golden age of cruising, epitomised by that scene in 1953’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, when Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell make an entrance in the dining hall. We need to get our hands on a figure-hugging ball gown, stat. We’re all aboard the refurbished S S Bon Voyage, Uniworld’s latest contribution to the water. We’re on the Brilliant Bordeaux trip, travelling up the…

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the mekong, three ways

SET SAIL The Mekong’s newest ship, Avalon Saigon, and her sister ship, Avalon Siem Reap, follow the Mekong all the way from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City (or the reverse), rather than coach passengers to the dock, a point of difference from other cruises. Each ship has only 18 suites, with panoramic windows that open to form a large, airy view” cabin design that allows guests to linger in bed while the riverbanks glide by. avalonwaterways.com.au NEW FRONTIERS For more adventurous travellers, the popular South-East Asia river cruise specialist Pandaw Cruises is pioneering 14-day itineraries along the upper Mekong. The 14-stateroom RV Sabaidee has been specially designed with extra engine power to navigate the rapids of the Laos gorges, in a journey that takes guests from Vientiane in Laos, through Thailand…

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life of the party

The caviar party was one of the first big ones,” says Laurent Buttazzoni, sitting on a vintage Eero Saarinen Womb chair in his art-filled apartment in Paris’s Marais district. “It was for Marc Newson — we have the same birthday. A Russian client brought us five kilograms of caviar. I did the set on a huge square table all in orange and green, which were the colours that Marc was using at the time. It was very simple because we had no money, but it became really beautiful. We cut all the placemats out of shiny paper. That was a great party.” It’s a drenchingly hot day in summertime Paris, but here in the cool shade of this invigoratingly decorated apartment, Buttazzoni, an architect and interior designer, and his partner Robert…