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abercrombiekent.com.au ANNA WINTOUR Editor in Chief Fashion Director VIRGINIA SMITH Executive Editor TAYLOR ANTRIM Creative Director SALLY SINGER International Editor at Large HAMISH BOWLES Fashion News Director MARK HOLGATE Style Director CAMILLA NICKERSON FASHION/ACCESSORIES Head of Fashion Initiatives RICKIE DE SOLE Director, Fashion Development ALEXANDRA MICHLER Jewelry Director GRACE GIVENS Accessories Director WILLOW LINDLEY Bookings Director FELICITY WEBB Bookings Manager MORGAN SENESI Editors ANNY CHOI, ALEXANDRA GURVITCH, MADELINE SWANSON Menswear Editor MICHAEL PHILOUZE Associate Market Editors NAOMI ELIZEE, MADELINE HARPER FASS Market Manager CAROLINE GRISWOLD FASHION NEWS Fashion News Director CHIOMA NNADI Director, Vogue Runway NICOLE PHELPS Fashion News and Emerging Platforms Editor STEFF YOTKA Archive Editor LAIRD BORRELLI-PERSSON Senior Fashion News Writers BROOKE BOBB, EMILY FARRA, JANELLE OKWODU, LIANA SATENSTEIN Fashion News Writer RACHEL HAHN Fashion and Style Writer CHRISTIAN ALLAIRE BEAUTY Beauty Director CELIA ELLENBERG Contributing Beauty Editor LAURA REGENSDORF Senior Beauty Editor LAUREN VALENTI Beauty Editors JENNA…

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the year of phoebe

IF TRUTH BE TOLD, our December cover, starring the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge, started with Sienna Miller. A few years ago I asked Sienna if she had any idea who could host the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in London. It’s an event I am deeply passionate about, not just because I love the theater but, more important, because my father edited the newspaper while I was growing up. We’d had a terrific run of male comedians—James Corden, Steve Coogan—taking the honor, but it felt like it was the right time to hand things over to a woman. Sienna suggested I ask Phoebe; I did, and she did an incredible job. (This year it will be Cush Jumbo taking up the mantle.) Phoebe, of course, has gone on to make Emmy-winning, Amazon-dealmaking, killing–it–with–Killing…

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“we will never stop”

Nobody expected Lucy McBath to win. “When I told people I wanted to run for Congress, they’d laugh or pat me on the arm and say, ‘Oh, isn’t that nice?’” she says, leaning over and touching my arm with her perfectly manicured nails to make her point. To be fair, they had reason to be skeptical. McBath, 59, was a black woman running in a majority white suburb outside Atlanta—a Democrat trying to win a seat that Newt Gingrich had held for 20 years. She’d spent her professional life as a flight attendant and had never once campaigned for anything. But in a country where gun violence claims nearly 40,000 lives a year, voters—especially mothers—found themselves listening to her. “I just told them my story, and that was enough,” she explains.…

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make it reign

TALENT Moments before I am due to meet Josh O’Connor, the skies over North London open with such vengeance that we have no choice but to begin our interview sheltering in his car. If the 29-year-old actor finds this awkward, he doesn’t show it. “Let’s sit here until it calms down,” he suggests cheerfully as he tries (and for several minutes fails) to parallel park, then roots around for a spare umbrella to lend me. During a break in the rain, we make a dash for the nearest pub. O’Connor is dressed for the weather in a green Loewe parka (his slightly gawky, oversize good looks have made him the face of the brand’s menswear line), which he’s paired with department-store pants borrowed from his grandma. The untraditional wardrobe choice feels appropriate…

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mistress of the robes

LIVES “Get yourself a cup of tea, sit down, put your feet up, and let me take you on a magical journey,” urges Angela Kelly in The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe (Harper), a delightfully engaging book from Queen Elizabeth II’s personal assistant and senior dresser that reveals the meticulous planning that goes into producing and coordinating Her Majesty’s iconic looks. Kelly and her royal mistress appear to enjoy a respectful complicity. Initially self-conscious about her broad Liverpudlian accent, Kelly decided that she needed elocution lessons, and who better than Her Majesty to provide instruction? The queen suggested furious as the first experiment. “Fee-or-ree-ous,’’ enunciated Her Majesty. “Fyer-ri-ous,” countered Kelly, at which point they both decided to leave well enough alone. Kelly has collaborated…

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seeing red

SKIN CARE It came out of nowhere. As I paced with pre-presentation jitters at a Nolita boutique, where I had come to speak on relationships after parenthood (an unlikely specialty of mine following a book on the subject), my face blazed like a space heater. Just a few days earlier, a livid red rash had spread across my cheeks and chin. I’m firmly 53 and well past those years of skin unpredictability, so the inflammation took me by surprise. Now, broken capillaries had surfaced on my cheeks, too—and no amount of Armani foundation could disguise them. I was going for “coolly composed self-assurance,” but my complexion betrayed me. “It’s rosacea,” Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai, confirmed when I showed up at his Upper…