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Wargaming is a big hobby with many diverse factions and perspectives: striking a balance that pleases everyone can be truly challenging! We like to think what sets Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy apart from other historical wargaming magazines is its focus on having fun, no matter what kind of wargamer you are or what your background is. WS&S is a light-hearted publication, that pays particular attention to games themselves and how to play them: it doesn’t get bogged down in lengthy historical expositions or recycle content you can read yourself in any history book. While popular periods like WWII, the Napoleonic era, and the ancient world get frequent coverage, we also try to feature the unexpected, with articles on spies, monsters and gangsters to name but a few.

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miniature reviews

Plastic British and Canadian infantry Company: Warlord Games Size: 28 mm ‘foot to eye’ or 31 mm tall Era: World War II Price: £29.50 for 30 infantry www.warlordgames.com Warlord Games’ long-awaited late-war British (and Canadian) plastic set is here. The original British plastic set, now over a decade old, had separate arms for the weapons. The new set has seven bayoneted rifles per sprue, each one attached to arms; the weapons are notably larger, making them far more durable than the previous set. The boxed set contains five frames of plastic troops with bases and transfers. Heads are provided with steel helms (early and late) plus tam o’ shanter caps. Each frame has six torsos and a variety of weapons: rifles (as mentioned), three Stens, an LMG, a Webley pistol, a 2” mortar, and a PIAT.…

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the franco-castilian raid on the isle of wight in 1377 violence on vectis

Initially, the French had a much larger and more professional force, and were fighting a smaller force of largely irregular troops – quite different to the usual HYW scenario. Wargaming this campaign creates some challenging strategic decisions, and highlights the importance of a well-placed castle. The location at Carisbrooke is really critical as the key to the whole island. We played this out as an online Kriegspiel during the Covid-19 lockdown period, but you could use it as the basis for a matrix game, or a map-based setting for a series of interlinked campaign tabletop figure games. THE FRANCO-CASTILIAN SITUATION While sailing close to the Solent, a large storm has forced you to take shelter north of the Isle of Wight. The island should be raided and captured if possible and then…

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making versatile structures for arid settings adobe buildings

These are the techniques I use to make a simple single-storey 28mm adobe building, but they can be adapted to make much larger and more complex structures. The basis of these buildings is 5mm white foamcore board. I opt for the 5mm thickness because it gives the impression of the thickness of the mud walls typical of these buildings. I find having a plan helps get a sense of the building, ensures that everything fits, and minimizes wasted foamcore. I usu ally make 28mm buildings 60mm high for each floor, with the windows being 20mm from the ground. The doors are 35mm high and 20mm wide. One of the benefits of working with foamcore is you can peel the outer layer back exposing the foam and scribe in some brickwork using…

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a teaser view of cavalry in the american civil war adapt and survive

The development of cavalry tactics during the American Civil War is a good example of innovation and adaptation around available resources and skills. This adaptive process is one of the driving factors that fills this period with such flavour, and it fundamentally shapes the way that our wargames unfold to tell the story of the war. The Northern and Southern cavalries adapted and innovated differently. For one side this pathway would be supported by innovation that enabled success. The other, starved of resources, was doomed to failure. At the outbreak of war in 1861, the US army included just five cavalry regiments, most of which were deployed in small detachments across the west. This body of men was not suitably trained or suited to the war in which they were about to…

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the new supplement for muskets & tomahawks let’s play shakos & bayonets

The rules are primarily a skirmish game for 20+ models a side. To play, you’ll need the core rulebook, which is a ‘stepping stone’ to different eras and future supplements. This review takes into account the Shakos & Bayonets (S&B) supplement, which brings the game into the Napoleonic period with the various wars between 1805 and 1815. The lists include France and a few of her allies, plus of course her enemies – Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, Spain, Portugal, and Russia. There are some rules for the minor nations as well. Like the main rulebook, it is a thing of beauty – but while beauty alone might inspire, it does not necessarily make a good game. Good mechanics and writing does that. Also, the book does not cover the Revolutionary War…

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bringing out the really big guns don’t smile for the camera

In one of those photos, a group of Union soldiers were posing next to a large entrenched cannon, a Rodman gun; and it is on that photo that this new cover is based. As exposure times were long, photographic subjects had to remain still, so people were asked not to smile. I began by studying the composition of the diorama, which was to be centred on the Rodman gun and a group of soldiers in front of it posing for the photograph. Behind all this, and cutting the horizon line, would be the trench. Once the study was done and I knew what I had to place in the diorama, I commissioned my brother Álvaro Mateos to do the 3D modelling of the Rodman cannon. He, based on some original plans of…