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WellBeing Yoga Experience

WellBeing Yoga Experience Issue #1 - 2015

In The Yoga Experience, our aim is to give you tools to help you make your own discoveries. Our writers are experienced yoga instructors who live in the real world and bring great compassion to their personal and professional practice. They’ve interviewed well regarded yoga teachers, delved into yogic texts and drawn on years of practice to bring you hands-on advice, helpful posture sequences and a deeper insight into this inspiring, connecting, wonderful thing we call yoga. You don’t need to be a hermit on a hill or spiritually savvy or taut and toned to practise yoga. You just need to be the beautiful, enquiring, very human you. Enjoy the experience.

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ok, it’s time for the truth ...

I’m not a guru or a yoga instructor or a seasoned meditator. I’m not vegan or an expert in bodymind medicine. I can’t put my legs behind my head (and don’t know anyone who can!), I don’t wear hypnotic tights and, to be frank, I’m really not cool. However ... I love yoga. I love yoga because it brings me home. I love yoga because, through breathing and moving and quieting the mind through meditation, I can experience for a moment that sensation of being connected, of bringing this body and this mind together with something I can only call spirit. It’s such a peaceful, calming feeling and it’s helped me to live a more grounded, conscious, joyful life in a space that was once inhabited by what I can only describe…

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science shorts

Yoga keeps chins up A new study involving 98 women in advanced stages of breast cancer shows yoga can help relieve depression in such patients. Researchers assigned a 60-minute yoga intervention to 48 women while 53 in a control group underwent supportive therapy over 24 weeks. All patients underwent surgery followed by radiotherapy (RT) or chemotherapy (CT), or both, during this time. Twenty-nine women failed to complete the study, due to disease progression, physical injury or less than 60 per cent attendance. Results show that, while there was an overall decrease in self-reported depression for both groups following surgery, RT and CT, the yoga group experienced a significant decrease in depression scores, leading researchers to conclude that yoga has possible antidepressant effects in breast cancer patients. Source: Indian Journal of Palliative Care Postures…

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straightening out your sankalpa

At the start of a yoga class or meditation, the teacher often asks students to set a resolve or intention for their practice. Some might be able to come up with a resolve instantly, which may or may not be forgotten by class end. Others might be left slightly stumped, and rightfully so — the practice of intention setting, or creating a sankalpa, is not something you can do offthe cuff. A sankalpa should be reflective of your heart’s deepest longings and your true nature. It acts as a guiding force to help you to live a meaningful life, which means you must take the time to reflect and look within to find it. What’s your purpose? Setting goals or resolutions in life is something we all have probably done at one…

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what i wish i’d known

Your yoga practice is vitally important to your overall wellbeing — but how is it for those who teach you all the moves and shapes that you make on your mat? We’ve spoken with five yoga experts to find out what they wish they’d known on starting their personal yoga practice and before they pursued a career teaching yoga. From finances to time management to investing in your personal practice and ongoing study, here’s what you need to know if you’ve ever considered becoming a yoga teacher. SIMON BORG-OLIVIER Co-director of Yoga Synergy Flexibility, strength & fitness are not the goals What I really would have liked to have known before I started practising yoga is that yoga is not about tensing and stretching muscles and breathing more. Unfortunately, many people often end…

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off the beaten mat

Yoga is a practice that began more than 5000 years ago in the East, but it has only become mainstream in Western society in the past 20 years. Now there are so many different styles of yoga; some have been passed down from great yogic masters with millions of students, others have evolved from yoga teachers who decided to set out in their own direction, challenging what’s familiar to yogis and yoginis and stirring discussions on what yoga really is. At every stage in its unfolding, yoga has had its non-conformists. Some people strongly prefer the traditional approach and feel protective over the word “yoga” being used for new yogic trends which they feel don’t fully honour the true essence of yoga. Others are excited by fresh ideas that break from…

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plan your yoga year

If your plan for 2016 involves seeing Australia (and perhaps the world), nourishing your health and wellbeing and finding enlightenment, we’ve got you covered! From weekend festivals to high-end retreats, secluded ashrams and adventure-filled wellness experiences in Australia and abroad, here are some yoga treats to nourish you in the year ahead. INTERNATIONAL & LOCAL YOGA FESTIVALS Eat, sleep, yoga, repeat all year round at these top festivals in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Wanderlust Celebrate mindful living at the festival that is fast becoming one of the biggest celebrations of mind, body and spirit on the planet. At Wanderlust, you can get your dose of yoga and meditation while taking in nature, enjoying live music from top artists, feasting on local and sustainable delights and listening to enlightening speakers from around the world.…