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Wisconsin Game & Fish

Wisconsin Game & Fish

July/August 2019

Every month in Game & Fish, you'll discover the best hotspots throughout your region for hunting and fishing. We'll also bring you your state's latest outdoor news, plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make you a more successful hunter and angler.

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wisconsin game & fish

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in the field

Crossbow Season Won’t Change In 2019 A FIRESTORM of public comment after the state Natural Resources Board announced it was looking at options to reduce crossbow harvest in January led to a reversal in February, with board chair Dr. Frederick Prehn instead asking the DNR to begin a lengthy data-gathering and stakeholder engagement process and report back by August. Prehn said there would be no changes in 2019. If any major changes are proposed, other stakeholders including the Conservation Congress could weigh in on the matter. Giant Sturgeon Speared On Winnebago A TAGGED, 85.5-inch sturgeon estimated at well over 200 pounds during the spring spawning run below the Shawano Paper Mill Dam in 2012 was speared opening day (Feb. 9) of the 2019 season on Lake Winnebago. It weighed 171 pounds and was…

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wisconsin calendar

JULY 5-7 N.E.W. DERBY The 45th annual Northeastern Wisconsin Salmon Derby. Big fish prizes in multiple categories, plus team events. newglsf.org JULY 13-21 SALMON-A-RAMA A multi-species event all across Lake Michigan, Salmon-A-Rama is headquartered at Racine but has multiple weigh-in sites. www.salmon-a-rama.com JULY 20-28 K/D SALMON The Kewaunee/Door Salmon Tournament lures thousands vying for $50,000 in cash and prizes. facebook.com/kdsalmon2019 AUGUST 16-18 MUSKY OPEN National Championship Musky Open: a catch, measure and release event on a wide variety of waters in the Eagle River area. eagleriver.org AUGUST 23-24 AIM WALLEYES The Wisconsin AIM Walleye championship is on Green Bay. Marinette is hosting this year. aimfishing.com.…

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for the love of gear

I LOVE gear. Hunting. Fishing. Even general outdoor supplies. In my house I have an entire room more or less dedicated to many of my associated outdoor trappings. There are tackle boxes full of lures and terminal tackle, from soft plastics to jigs to hard baits of various types, and of course plenty of weights. I have spools of different line, boxes of trout flies, waders, fillet knives and a host of other fishing-related gear. In the same room, I have hunting clothes, ammo boxes, a pair of binos and a rangefinder, no less than four different hunting packs and blind bags and numerous shooting accessories. I wish I could say these were well organized, but I generally try not to lie to people — unless it’s to exaggerate (slightly) about…

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hunt smarter

Despite their popularity as a big-game species and extensive research regarding their behavior, researchers are still unlocking the secrets of white-tailed deer behavior. As a hunter, using these findings can help you increase your odds of success this hunting season. Here are three tips that will improve your odds of connecting with the buck of your dreams this fall. AVOIDING ÒDEAD ZONESÓ How adept are deer at recognizing the threat posed by hunters? Research conducted by leading whitetail experts Dr. Andrew Little, Dr. Stephen Webb, Dr. Steve Demarais and Kenneth Gee and published in Quality Whitetails suggests that whitetail deer are exceptionally keen on identifying even a single hunter in their home range. As a result, deer often shift their behavior as soon as hunting season starts by reducing daytime movement and…

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use the latest gear to make your deer dream a reality.

RIFLES MOSSBERG Patriot Predator Cerakote Strata Mossberg push feed bolt actions are robust and accurate, and they’re a great value. The new Patriot Predator has a synthetic stock in TrueTimber Strata camo and metalwork receives a brown Cerakote finish. $524 WINCHESTER XPR Hunter Kryptek Highlander Winchester’s affordable bolt gun gets a facelift and is now avail able with a Kryptek Highlander camo stock and a Permacote flat dark earth finish. It’s available in a variety of calibers, including the brand new .350 Legend straight wall cartridge. $600 BROWNING AB3 Hunter A high quality rifle at a price point that won't break the bank. It's streamlined and ergonomic. It features a 60 degree bolt throw, detachable box magazine, crisp trigger and accurate barrel. Stock options include wood, composite and an inflex recoil pad mitigates felt recoil. It's…