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tune up your magazine

A woodworking shop demands periodic maintenance to function efficiently. Such upkeep can be as straightforward as sharpening plane irons and chisels. Other times, it may mean more effort, like upgrading tires on a bandsaw or replacing brushes in a router. These routines can also lead to some tough decisions. Perhaps an old power tool doesn’t cut as precisely as it once did, or maybe it never worked that well and takes up valuable space. This kind of shop maintenance is synonymous with that of a woodworking magazine. In addition to the sharp, well-tuned projects and techniques offered on these pages, we provide a selection of departments, including Tips & Tricks, WoodSense, Tool Reviews, and Outfeed, among others. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove one or two of these departments to make…

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share your ideas

We love hearing from readers! And there are all kinds of reasons to get in touch with the crew at Woodcraft Magazine. Check out the details below. General information: 4420 Emerson Ave., Suite A P.O. Box 7020 Parkersburg, WV 26102 800-542-9125 Share a slick tip to win cash or a prize. Here’s your chance to help someone become a better woodworker and get rewarded for the effort. Published tips become the property of Woodcraft Magazine. Email us at tips@woodcraftmagazine.com and put “Tips & Tricks” in the subject line or visit woodcraftmagazine.com, and click on Contact. Important: Please include your phone number, as an editor may need to call you if your trick is considered for publication. Have a tough woodworking question? We’ll do our best to find the expert and provide the answer. Email us at editor@woodcraftmagazine.com and put “Expert…

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news & views

Easy reader Thanks for your piece on the new accessibility menu for the website (Feb/Mar 2021). With a legally blind family member, along with my own failing eyes—and ears—it was welcome news. I’m dismayed by how little consideration is given to helping people with impairments navigate the world. It’s easy to take things for granted when you don’t have to deal directly with a disability. Woodcraft’s commitment to “robust accessibility” was just the dose of reassurance and hope my family needed. —Kieran Huffman, via email Accent cabinet accident The Accent cabinet featured in the April/May 2021 issue had an incorrectly labeled part. The cabinet top measurement on page 33 should have been 36" long instead of 32". Also, the hardware used on the cabinet was absent from the Buyer’s Guide on page 62. Visit…

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reader showcase

DAVID MITCHELL, COLUMBUS, GA Knotty secretary. An on-and-off woodworker for fifty years, David picked up the hobby in college, where he built a bar in his basement and a base for a waterbed. He’s taken eight years to craft this drop-front secretary, choosing “cheap pine, knots and all,” he says, as a unique departure from the hardwoods typical of such a piece. In another variation from the Pennsylvania Secretary Desk on which his project is based, David left the upper portion open to display knickknacks. The bonnet top and serpentine drawers are all hand-cut, as are the secretary’s 200-plus dovetails. The finished piece takes pride of place in the Mitchell home, where even David’s wife appreciates his beautiful secretary. FRANK WEISHAAR, OCEANSIDE, CA Flip your lid. With space at a premium in his…

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time to make a pocket change?

Kreg recently overhauled its line of pocket-hole jigs, and while the new 520 (#176181) and 720 (above) jigs replace the K4 and K5 in Kreg’s line, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave your current jig for a younger model. I took the 720 on a few dates and found something old and something new in this something blue. Read on to see if you want to start a new relationship. Let’s be clear: the gussied up 720 functions in much the same way as its predecessors—integral steel tubes position a specialized bit to bore the angled holes necessary for pocket screws. The advantage it brings is simplified operation. No more fiddling with the thickness adjustment nut while trying to hold your workpiece in place. No more remembering to set the…

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two new flavors of bluetooth-enabled hearing protectors

ISOtunes—a foremost manufacturer of Bluetooth (BT), OSHA-compliant hearing protection devices—has released a new version of their popular earbuds, as well as a set of over-the-ear muffs. Both provide hearing protection while allowing you to listen to music, podcasts, radio, or anything channeled through your phone (or other smart device), including calls. Very cool. Having used them for a while now, here’s my take on each. The ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 earbuds come with a variety of interchangable foam and silicone tips to fit most ears, with the foam ones intended for sound protection. With a 27dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating), they provide adequate sound protection, although it’s not quite as good as with any of my shop ear muffs. Surprisingly, I found the foam tips comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.…