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November 2019

Founded in 1993, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado. The magazine's stories often make national headlines, and since 2005 5280 has been nominated for four National Magazine Awards. Get 5280 Magazine digital subscription today.

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On a June morning in 2016, Richard Terlingen came to Denver District Court for a case management conference. He was rolling down the hallway using a sip-and-puff wand to drive his heavy-duty extra-large electric-power wheelchair. He mis-judged the courtroom entrance by an inch or so on the right and bashed into the door frame. Richard cussed softly to himself and backed out. He was a big man in a big wheelchair. Richard Terlingen, age 61, was paralyzed from the neck down. He was a quadriplegic (medical term: “tetraplegic”). He had no movement or sensation in his arms, legs or trunk. Before his injury, Richard stood 6’6” and weighed about 260. An award-winning media salesman, he had a big voice, and a direct manner. When the case was called his wife joy-stick’d Richard…

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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Geoff Van Dyke DEPUTY EDITOR Lindsey B. King ART DIRECTOR David McKenna EDITORIAL FEATURES EDITOR Kasey Cordell MANAGING EDITOR Jessica LaRusso SENIOR STAFF WRITER Robert Sanchez ARTICLES EDITOR Natasha Gardner FOOD EDITOR Denise Mickelsen SENIOR EDITOR Spencer Campbell ASSISTANT EDITORS Shane Monaghan, Angela Ufheil ASSISTANT FOOD EDITOR Patricia Kaowthumrong RESEARCH EDITOR Kim Habicht FASHION EDITOR Georgia Alexia Benjou CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Julie Dugdale, Daliah Singer CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kelly Bastone, Scott Mowbray EDITORIAL INTERNS Maya Chiodo, Caitlin Foster, Katie Ketchum, Jesse Klein, Lily O’Neill, Madi Skahill DIGITAL DIGITAL EDITOR Erin Skarda DIGITAL ASSOCIATE EDITOR Jay Bouchard ENGAGEMENT EDITOR Victoria Carodine DIGITAL CONTRIBUTORS Katie Coakley, Christine DeOrio, Amanda M. Faison, Shauna Farnell, Georgia Perry, Meredith Sell, Morgan Tilton, Lisa Wirthman ART & PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO EDITOR Charli Ornett ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTORS Amanda Croy, Sean Parsons ASSOCIATE PHOTO EDITOR Sarah Boyum CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Caleb Alvarado, C.J. Burton, Aaron Colussi, Luca Di Bartolomeo, Michael Hirshon, Chayce Lanphear, Sarah Maxwell, Paul…

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variety show

Part of the joy of editing a publication like 5280 is the breadth of stories we produce each month in the magazine—and daily at 5280.com. This month’s issue is no exception: In our cover feature (“The Secret Life Of Colorado Pets,” page 70), managing editor Jessica LaRusso not only highlights Insta-famous furballs, but also how to be more responsible when adopting a new family member and the options owners have when the end inevitably comes. Assistant editor Angela Ufheil expertly curated our holiday gift guide, “The Most Colorful Time Of The Year” (page 90), which is guaranteed to bring a little more reflectiveness to your giving this year. And freelance journalist Kate Siber penned a thought-provoking reported essay (“Sounds Of Silence,” page 100) about the value of noiseless landscapes in…

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behind the stories

KASEY CORDELL Features Editor No one wants to write about hate. But after noticing a steady increase in reports of bigoted behaviors—vandalism, threats, and even physical attacks—in Colorado over the past couple of years, 5280’s editorial team knew it should. So features editor Kasey Cordell spent the summer talking with advocacy groups, law enforcement, attorneys, and researchers—even immersing herself in the vitriol of incel message boards—to report “Hate Rising” (page 106). “When I handed the story over to our fact-checking team, I felt terrible for asking them to confront all that ugliness, too,” Cordell says. “But I hope exposing just how prevalent and insidious some of this stuff is helps empower Coloradans to do something about it.” C.J. BURTON Photo Illustrator After Democrats won majorities in both chambers of the Colorado General Assembly and took…

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return of the pack

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Apparently, a lot of Coloradans. A proposed 2020 ballot initiative would require Colorado Parks and Wildlife to reintroduce gray wolves to the state, and while the deciding vote is likely a year away, the measure is already driving a wedge in the Centennial State electorate. Advocates like the Sierra Club claim the animals, who disappeared from the state in the 1940s due to extermination efforts, would strengthen our ecosystem: As apex predators, wolves kill off weak mammals and control the populations of midlevel carnivores like coyotes. Opponents, including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, say there’s no need for a restoration program because the canines could easily move here from neighboring states without human intervention. Ranchers, meanwhile, worry an influx of gray wolves could…

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the comeback kids

CATS, OUT OF THE BAG The restoration of lynx provides a valuable lesson for carnivore recovery. In 1999, more than 25 years after the felines vanished from the state due to factors such as increased development, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) released 218 lynx that had been captured in Alaska and Canada into the San Juan Mountains. Many of them died of starvation—the result, CPW says, of a now-discontinued practice of freeing imported animals without a controlled period of acclimatization. The strong survived, however, and a 2010 survey found that a third generation of Colorado lynx was stable and thriving. Current estimates suggest there are 150 to 250 roaming the southwestern corner of the state. BABY BOOM It’s well-known that hunters killed off most of the millions of bison that once roamed the…