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May 2020

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles offers entrée into the city’s most inspiring residences. Readers view exquisite interiors and innovative architecture, with beautiful spreads illustrating everything from the latest looks to timeless classics. The magazine is also a champion of supporting local food traditions and regional cuisine created by the city’s finest chefs and food artisans. It is a definitive guide to Atlanta’s hottest homes, top design professionals, premier showrooms, delectable restaurants, residential real estate and cultural events.

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home as haven

HOME—AND THE COMFORT IT PROVIDES—both physically and metaphorically, has never felt so significant. The security that comes from nestling into the comfort of our beds, gathering by the fire, conversing over a warm meal, or tending to our land is unmistakable on both our psyche and our soul. The same, of course, can be said for our natural surroundings. As we all learn to embrace the silver linings, it’s become clear that it’s the simplest of things, like the beauty of a bird in flight, buds on a blossoming branch, or even the silhouette of a shadow that have the ability to provide healing powers. Speaking of silver linings, our family has been spending plenty of time outdoors, whether riding bikes, visiting our neighborhood “Fit Trail,” running or walking. Seeking out the…

8 min.
atlanta's big night out

Only one event could gather around 300 architects, designers, landscape architects, and other industry fellows dressed in their finest black-tie attire for a lengthy dinner at the Piedmont Driving Club: The Shutze Awards Ceremony, named for Philip Trammell Shutze, Atlanta’s most famous architect. To an outsider, the night is often explained as “the Oscars of the design world.” And rightfully so—the submission process is rigorous. Once completed, entries were blindly and stiffly judged by this year’s acclaimed jurors, designer Madeline Stuart, architect Thomas A. Kligerman, and landscape architect Douglas Hoerr. And after all the work is complete, there is a glittery awards ceremony party (this year chaired by designer Susan Ferrier and said by many to be the best one yet). Before any awards were given out, architect Stan Dixon…

3 min.
so scenic

WHILE SPRING MAY BE in full bloom, many of Atlanta’s most beautiful rooms owe their year-round garden feel to fanciful, artful wallcoverings. The extraordinary papers first made their way to Europe in the late 18th century through newly established sea trade routes between Asia and the West, which made it possible for large-scale goods, like the painted panels, to be more easily exported on ships. While ancient Chinese drawings were the first inspiration for the wallcoverings, the designs soon expanded to landscapes, gardens, architectural elements and an array of insects, flora and fauna, which remain in demand today. Whether to imitate a cultivated travel persona or simply to bring garden folly and charm indoors, Europeans, and early Americans, were so enamored with the colorful, imaginative papers imported from Asia that they established…

1 min.

BEST DRESSED Luxurious layers and high-drama designs are on full display in SCAD FASH MUSEUM OF FASHION + FILM’s latest exhibit Alaïa-Adrian: Masters of Cut. Through September 13, museum guests can peruse history’s most elegant ensembles by iconic designers Gilbert Adrian, who was head of costume design for MGM during the Golden Age of Hollywood, and Azzedine Alaïa, whose designs have been worn by supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones. AZEDINE ALAÏA, DRESS, WINTER 2007, PHOTO BY ANDREA & VALENTINA, COURTESY ASSOCIATION AZEDINE ALAÏA…

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justice standing

The long-anticipated Nathan Deal Judicial Center (NDJC) building, built on 6 downtown acres at Capitol Avenue and Memorial Drive, is open. Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects (RAMSA), with local support from Stevens & Wilkinson, the approximately $130 million, six-story building is impressive. While the NDJC doesn’t physically touch the gold-domed Georgia Capitol building, the two are symbolically drawn together. “We saw it as an opportunity to create a visual connection between the two branches of government,” says Grant Marani, the RAMSA partner who led the project. The design is inspired by historic courthouses, with a limestone-hued precast concrete facade, a trio of bronze doors below the colonnade and a 60-foot-tall second-floor elliptical atrium, around which the chambers, courtrooms and administrative spaces are arranged. Eagle-eyed visitors may notice Georgia connections…

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around atlanta

THROUGH SEP. 13 Travel back in time to explore fashion’s most body-celebrating designs with SCAD FASH MUSEUM OF FASHION + FILM’s Alaïa-Adrian: Masters of Cut exhibit. Featuring tailored looks from Gilbert Adrian, who is famous for designing Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers in The Wizard of Oz, and Azzedine Alaïa, who has designed pieces worn by Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell, the exhibit reflects on the pair’s most iconic designs. THROUGH MAY 23 Explore nature-inspired design solutions to complex human challenges at the MUSEUM OF DESIGN ATLANTA’s Learning from Nature: The Future of Design exhibit. Guests witness the pivotal role design plays in reversing climate change through examples that mimic nature, such as wind turbines shaped like the fin of a humpback whale that are 30 percent more efficient, or Japan’s Shinkansen…