Bake from Scratch September/October 2019

It’s finally fall! We bake all year long, but fall remains one of our favorite baking seasons, and this issue is packed with every reason why. We’re making the most of the season’s harvest with a whole feature dedicated to pears, and our collection of autumn breads is sure to give you cozy fall feelings. Bring bagels to your home kitchen with our in-depth guide on shaping and baking and even making your favorite bagel toppings. We’re not just featuring the season’s favorite feel-good recipes and ingredients; we’re also spotlighting some of the most inspiring bakers in the industry. Be sure to flip to our roundup of the top 10 baking blogs to follow this year, and join us as we travel to Paris, France, to get an inside look at the sculpted fruit pastries that earned Cédric Grolet the title of World’s Best Pastry Chef. Because we’re also celebrating the release of the Downton Abbey film on September 20, we couldn’t resist chatting with the show and movie’s food stylist, Lisa Heathcote, about what it’s like to bake English scones destined for the silver screen. Whether you dig into our pumpkin spice feature or our fuss-free stir-together cakes, you’ll find this issue is the ultimate ode to autumn.

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