Bake from Scratch Cakes 2019

Endlessly customizable and always impressive, a thickly frosted, tender-crumbed cake is the ultimate baked confection. The charm lies in its versatility. Nearly all occasions call for or would be improved with a little cake. It can be the elegant finale to a dinner party or the joyous centerpiece of a birthday celebration. We have the cakes for those special occasions and more. Our layer cakes come as two-, three-, and four-tiered extravaganzas, with ice cream fillings and rich buttercream coats. The simple, dependable single-layer cake recipes offer everything from a breakfast-ready coffee cake to a boozy sheet cake packed with bourbon and brown sugar. If you’re looking for something with a flashy design and minimal effort, reach for our beautifully ridged Bundt and tube cakes that are no-fuss but gorgeous additions to the dessert spread, from an Almond Joy-inspired chiffon wonder to a peachy keen pound cake. Find loaf cakes and skillet cakes perfect for sharing, whether it’s a jammy stone fruit skillet stunner or a bright, creamy strawberry and buttermilk loaf cake. With these recipes added to your collection, we promise satisfaction by the slice.

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