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June/July 2021

BALLISTIC is a magazine devoted to the modern firearms enthusiast.

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ding, ding, ding

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main firearms and survival magazine event. Are you ready for the fight of your life? Or do you wanna graze with the sheeple? Sure that’s a bit over the top, but it cuts to the heart (and the covers) of this “Be Hard To Kill” issue. The truegrit American warrior Tim Kennedy is—hands down—the man you want by your side in the foxhole (or octagon) of life during these uncertain times. Here’s a truer than true fact: Kennedy has come out on top of more bloody battles fighting as a U.S. Special Forces Green Beret and in the MMA octagon than any man on earth. Ballistic content creators Robert Jordan and Alex Landeen spent a couple of days at Kennedy’s base of operations in Texas. Kennedy…

6 min
would you rather…

In the midst of “Ammogeddon,” we have all gotten a little desperate on how to get our fix of 9mm and 5.56mm. Rounds of ammo are more precious than bread and milk, and a damn site more expensive. Knowing this, we posed the following question: A full 58 percent will listen to morons spreading hate and lies while counting their rounds, while 42 percent were willing to give up their ammo in return for their mental sanity. I assume the 42 percent have less ammo squirreled away than I do. Best comments: jcd@jagoff17 said, “I can buy more ammo,” and Alexis@ElAmeroAlex replied, “I agree. Working eight hours to buy ammunition is better than torture for two hours a day to death.” Would you rather lose your entire ammo stockpile or have to listen to…

7 min

MFT REACT M-LOK COMPACT FOREGRIP Mission First Tactical’s new compact, textured vertical grip is designed to minimize material and dimension, all while providing a positive grip surface for the shooter. It allows the support hand to apply rearward pressure, keeping the weapon shouldered and yielding better muzzle control and accuracy. The React M-Lok Compact Foregrip provides an ultra-low-profile design while maintaining a wide grip that will fill the palm of the shooter’s hand, providing maximum comfort. Its contoured shape and texture keep the grip firmly in the palm of even the sweatiest of hands, preventing any sort of potential slippage. It works great with various shooting grip styles. Available in black and scorched dark earth. ( FEDERAL PUNCH 22 LR Self-defense isn’t one size fits all. Different shooters have different needs, different limitations…

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hot draug 5. 56

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a draug, and what does it have to do with firearms? Usually absolutely nothing, but in this case… According to Norse folklore a draug (pronounced basically like the word dog) is an animated corpse, not to be confused with a ghost. Draugs are often bodies of deceased royalty who protect their burial mounds, treasure and sometimes even their former palaces. They are considered neither evil nor good, just an undead creature with chaotic neutral energy. I came to know of draugs by way of Odin’s Workshop, located in Michigan, which is owned and operated by brothers Cody and Cole. They are known for their amazing colorful work on Glock and Sig P320 frames. A recent visit to them and discussions about local native American folklore started all…

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need a battle ax?

A war hammer was always my choice as a melee weapon until I put hands on RMJ Tactical’s Wee Zerker. First of all, it is a perfect fit for a modern-day fighting Norseman. The balance and controllability of it is astounding. You can choke up on the handle for some finer blade work to lower your grasp to put some strength behind it for splitting wood. This do-it-all camp ax is based off of RMJ’s full-size Berserker ax. Zerker features a 5-inch cutting head, and the beard is also sharpened. The G10 handles have a groove texture that really grasps your hand. Weight is under 2 pounds. It comes with a Kydex scabbard and two lowride MOC straps. This is an awesome ax that’s pack ready. Check and RMJ’s other axes…

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a norse sccy for you

THE Draug 5.56 needed a friend to share battle stories over horns of mead. SCCY Firearms was happy to offer a DVG-1RD for the role. The DVG-1RD is a striker-fired 9mm with an overall length of only 6.01 inches and weighs 15.5 ounces empty. It offers 10+1 rounds of firepower and a Crimson Trace red-dot to help you get and stay on target. It has a MSRP of $400, but after Odin got through with it, it’s valued at $900 now. Just like the Draug 5.56, this mini-draug is covered with Norse knotwork. The details of it are just impeccable, especially how the design flows from the frame to the slide. It is a great everyday carry piece that you can proudly show off to your buddies. I always learn a lot…