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Combat Handguns May/June 2020

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combat stockpile

BEAR OPS AC-800-CF-S The Bear OPS engineers combined ideas with respected knife designer Steve Jernigan in developing the American-made AC-800-CF-S. The result is a slim, lightweight blade that minimizes imprinting without jeopardizing functionality. With a simple push of the recessed button, the 2.5-inch Sandvik blade deploys on demand, firmly locking back to withstand heavy loads. More features include a pen-type clip and stainless steel handle scales with carbon-fiber inserts. ( MOSSBERG MC2c Following up on the highly successful MC1sc, Mossberg has unveiled the slightly larger MC2c (compact) in 9mm. Five initial offerings are available: black and two-tone versions with and without a crossbolt safety as well as one model with TruGlo Tritium Pro night sights. Every MC2c comes with a 3.9-inch barrel, multi-angle slide serrations, an oversized triggerguard, a flat trigger, an accessory rail, a…

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deadly mistakes

In the wee hours of an October 2019 morning in Fort Worth, Texas, a man called police to report that his neighbor’s door was wide open, but he couldn’t see any movement inside. The dispatcher gave it to responding officers as an “unsecured premises” call, not a welfare check. Without announcing themselves, the officers deployed, one going around the side of the building. Seeing someone inside who appeared to be pointing a pistol at him, he fired through the window. His shot killed the young woman who lived there. Her young nephew, with whom she’d been playing video games, told police that his aunt got up and grabbed her gun to investigate a noise outside, and that she opened the curtains while holding the pistol when she was shot. Shortly before…

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what’s in your range bag?

In recent issues of Combat Handguns, I’ve brought you firsthand information from today’s top professional shooters, including their must-have guns and gear as well as expert advice, to help you up your game. This edition, we’ll go beyond the shooting range to cover our everyday lives and the environments that surround us. If you carry a firearm for self-defense, it’s important to think of yourself as a range bag for all of your everyday-carry (EDC) gear. In the event a threat presents itself, it’s imperative to fully comprehend the skills and tools needed to act upon that threat as quickly as possible. To that end, I’ve sought out one of the most qualified professionals to give you some truly effective advice regarding concealed carry: Steve Tarani. ALWAYS AWARE Tarani has more than 37…

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exceptional steel

AS a cop from a younger generation, I have never fully embraced 1911s. You guessed it—I usually carry polymer-framed guns. However, I recently spent a few days with Bill Wilson at his WC Ranch in Texas to check out his brand-new eXperior line of pistols. “Impressive” doesn’t even begin to describe these guns. Beautifully crafted and designed, they are works of art as much as they are tools. But it wasn’t until we hit the range and started putting them through their paces that I fell in love. If you don’t already know, Bill Wilson started his career by following in his family footsteps as a watch and jewelry maker. He was formally trained to manufacture intricate parts for top-of-the-line watches. But back in the late 1970s, he couldn’t find a…

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wilson’s edc warrior

WHILE THE NEW EXPERIOR LINE of pistols from Wilson Combat might hog all the attention, another gem was recently unveiled at the company’s Berryville, Arkansas, plant. Based on the EDC X9 platform, Wilson’s newest offering is a subcompact variant that pushes the envelope even further when it comes to performance and design. The new EDC X9S is a single-action, double-stack 9mm that ships with a 10-round magazine as well as a 15-rounder with an extended, machined aluminum baseplate for more grip real estate. In line with current market trends, the intent of the EDC X9S is to offer as many 9mm rounds as possible in an easy-to-conceal, subcompact form factor that still offers all of the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Wilson Combat. Featuring a fluted, 3.25-inch, conical…

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feed those pocket pistols

When was the last time you handled, shot or even reloaded ammunition for the .380 ACP? If I were hedging my bets, I would say that for the most part, this diminutive cartridge isn’t on your hit list, never mind the famed bucket list. One reason could be that since it isn’t a popular cartridge for hunting, it’s never considered for a trip out west. If you are into defensive handguns, the newer micro guns chambered in 9mm and .45 ACP might have gained your trust. With the newer generation of handguns entering on the market, the .380 ACP might be getting a new lease on life. Personal defense has never been more popular, and even if you don’t handload for self-defense, new ammunition made specifically for such situations is becoming…