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Condé Nast House & Garden April 2020

Condé Nast House & Garden offers the best in contemporary design, decorating, renovating, architecture, gardens, travel and entertaining. We focus on beautiful interiors, the people inspiring the design scene and the know how to help you decorate and live stylishly.

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There’s more to the change of season than just a drop in temperature and breaking the knitwear out of summer hibernation – it’s when our interiors need to adapt to a new set of requirements. Think layered, nuanced spaces geared toward a sense of warmth and cosiness popularised by the Danish hygge movement. Some like it quiet and comforting, such as SMITH Gallery founder Candace Marshall-Smith, who sensitively updated her late-Modernist home at the foot of Table Mountain, and designer Sandra Nunnerley, who took a plush approach to an all-American beach house. Others, such as Studio Dimore and Cécile & Boyd, take a more cocooning angle, as seen in the enveloping apartment of Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2 and the South African designers’ earthy-toned outpost in London. Speaking of comfort zones,…

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A good all-rounder Perched on a staggered wooden deck against the Witzenberg mountains, the recently completed Geodome on the historic La Bruyere Guest Farm, just outside of Tulbagh, Western Cape, offers adventurers and design lovers alike a unique escape. A galvanised steel structure covered in PVC, the Geodome is completely immersed in nature, allowing guests to enjoy swimming in the serene river at its doorstep (or a soak in the outdoor bathtub), hike the surrounding forest or simply relax in absolute peace. @labruyerefarm…

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neri & hu

Shanghai-based architectural design practice Neri&Hu uses research as a design tool. Founded in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, their practice is as diverse as the issues affecting the city in which it finds itself, working internationally across architecture, interiors, master planning, graphic and product design. For Lyndon and Rossana, it is about the reinforcement of the practice’s core vision to respond to a global world view by incorporating overlapping design disciplines for a new paradigm in architecture. One project that best represents this is the renovation of the Waterhouse at South Bund in Shanghai: a four-storey, 19-room boutique hotel that has been built into an existing three-storey building, which served as the Japanese army headquarters in the 1930s. The architectural concept behind the renovation was on contrasting old and new.…

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selassie atadika

Chef Selassie Atadika is the founder of Midunu, a lifestyle company dedicated to celebrating Africa’s varied culinary heritage through events and tastings. ‘My approach is inspired by the lessons learnt in African kitchens after over a decade of travelling around the continent and experiencing various African foodways,’ says Selassie. She noticed similar patterns in many countries and distilled them into what she calls ‘New African Cuisine’. ‘This is where culture, community and cuisine intersect with the environment, sustainability and economy. I want people to enjoy a delicious and thoughtful meal, but to also appreciate where the food comes from, the people it has brought together and how interconnected food is with practically every aspect of human life,’ she says. ‘The conversations my guests and I have had have been about the…

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ibrahim mahama

Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama’s recognition is growing worldwide – both for the scale of his work, as well as how it addresses complex and complicated aspects of his country’s past. He is perhaps best known for his monumental installations, which see architectural structures draped in vast patchworks of old jute sacks. Once the leading exporter of cocoa, Ghana’s legacy of commerce is tied to these seemingly innocuous objects. When they have served their purpose in housing cocoa, they go on to transport coal. Ibrahim reappropriates these sacks by reimagining their makeup and stitching them back together in new forms. Usually installed in art spaces and public markets, his work draws attention to the global transportation of goods across borders. His belief in the role of art in not only making…

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bas timmer

‘When I found out that my friends’ father, who was homeless, had died on the streets of my hometown from hypothermia, I needed to do something about it.’ Designer Bas Timmer then came up with the idea of the Sheltersuit, a warm, water- and windproof hooded coat that can easily be transformed into a sleeping bag that provides full-body protection. ‘People across the world struggle to survive the cold and rain in winter,’ says Bas. ‘We believe everyone deserves protection, dignity and warmth at all times, so because of this, Sheltersuits are given away for free.’ The suits are given to homeless people and refugees for free, and while it does not solve the problem of homelessness, the Sheltersuit does prevent people from the danger of freezing to death. ‘Setting up and running a…