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Condé Nast House & Garden March/April 2021

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South Africa
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from the editor

Well, 2021 is certainly kicking off. As I write this, the country’s lockdown – as is the case with many others – has been extended and intensified (nevermind that we went past begin and collected two new viral strains), the US Capitol has survived an attempted insurrection while Amanda Gorman reminded us all of the power of the human spirit to do good, and it’s the end of Kim and Kanye as we know it – and it’s barely January. Yet, as the annus horribilis that was 2020 spills into the present, there is still optimism – albeit cautious – all around us. And so we decided, in this issue, to take a break from the ‘right now’ and look forward to the many great things coming our way this year. In Joburg,…

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thought leader

Joburg has a brand new landmark – the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library, a space of excellence, learning, research, discourse and cultural exchange predicated on the African perspective. Recently completed by Sir David Adjaye’s firm, Adjaye Associates, the new space will fulfil a multiplicity of functions, as a museum, temporary exhibition space, research centre, auditorium and women’s empowerment centre, among others. Providing infrastructure for the preservation and distribution of African history and knowledge, the library will become a new anchorage point and campus for local and international scholars. ‘This space presents an opportunity to realise the ambition of the dreams of former president Thabo Mbeki to advance and empower an African renaissance,’ says David. ‘The architecture of the library taps into the collective memory of the continent through a new historical…

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artistic awakening

in a city where iconic landmarks outnumber Zara stores, it can be more than a little challenging for a tourist-strapped heritage site to find its je ne sais quoi. For the Eiffel Tower, it’s turning into a disco ball after sunset, while, at the Louvre Museum, it’s the appeal of hours-long queues and more than one elbow in the side to see an ambivalent postage stamp. Who can forget the thrill of attempting to reach the Arc de Triomphe, where death by collision with a hurtling Citroën is a real and present danger. Mercifully, for those looking to dial down the gauche and while away their Parisian afternoon on something more, well, Parisienne, there’s the newly reimagined Bourse de Commerce, home to the Pinault Collection. With a history spanning over four…

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romancing the stone

Which came first, the love of architecture or the love of illustration? I would say the two collided at the right time. Art came first, as it is something I have done throughout my life, but I have always had a great appreciation and admiration for architecture – heritage buildings in particular – and the tales that they tell. My love of both illustration and architecture is what led me to capture some of my favourite scenes as a form of personal memory by reinterpreting the details and architectural language into my free-hand style. What is it that you are trying to capture and express through your architectural illustrations? My objective is usually to reinterpret and reimagine a scene that most people see as static and unchanging, to capture the character, personality and…

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small wonders

Small table lamps can make a big impression, especially when introduced into more unusual settings, such as in an entryway or on a bookshelf. For the more traditional homemakers, remember that if you use a table lamp for specific tasks such as reading and other hobbies, opt for a bright 3 000K bulb, which has a warm yellow tone ideal for the evenings. Bright idea For a refreshing take on task lighting, abandon the side table altogether and lower pendant lights to the furniture. These from Carl Hansen & Søn illustrate just how striking this decorating idea can be.…