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look on the bright side

When I think of summer I envision relaxing on the weekends with friends and family—perhaps around a pool, on a patio, or taking a leisurely stroll around the lake near my house. However, the last couple of months have been nothing less than stressful for many of us. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to local business owners and their employees who have been directly impacted. I know how uncertainty feels. My husband’s electrical engineering business on Santa Fe closed its doors, too. However, I am a firm believer that with change comes the opportunity for growth. And, although many things are still up in the air this summer, I firmly believe that renewal and rejuvenation are themes we all have in common. It’s time to look on…

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community support Denverites rally together to support local restaurants with #wegotthisdenver campaign. blue skies @exploinspo enjoyed the clear blue skies and views at Cherry Creek State Park. fly over @walksyourway captured the Thunderbirds flying high in support of healthcare workers. full moon A shot of the pink supermoon in the Denver sky by @kalenjesse. 52 Saturdays giveaway spotlight Submit a photo of your fun filled weekend in our #52SaturdaysDLM Giveaway for a chance to win. Learn how by visiting Denver howl @toria1414 shared her rooftop view during her nightly 8pm howling. follow us on: @denverlifemag @denverlifemagazine @denverlifemagazine…

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a ride on the wildsyde

Whether on a sunset cruise through the mountains or your daily commute to the office, cycling can be a great way to improve health, relieve stress, and put a smile on your face. But how about elevating that experience with a powerful 500w motor, four-inch-wide tires, and head-turning vintage style? Paul Hields, founder of Vail-based Wildsyde Vintage eCruisers, confirms that there’s something for everyone in his world of electric bicycles, such as: accessibility and ease for people suffering from physical limitations, environmental benefits for the eco-conscious, quicker transportation for those on the go, and encouragement for the crowd that fears traditional biking might just be too hard. But the real selling point? Style. Hields says, “People fall in love with the image and coolness of the bike even before they…

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a rare relic

Like the website touts, The Oxford Hotel is a true Denver classic, inviting respite from the excitement of the bustling streets of LoDo. With roots dating back to the 19th century, The Oxford offers a one-of-a-kind experience where historic charm meets contemporary convenience. Stewart Patton knows this all too well. He has proudly worked at the hotel for almost three decades. With the iconic hotel boasting 80 luxury guest rooms and suites, as well as The Oxford Club Spa & Salon, visitors from all over the world come and stay. But, it’s Patton’s undeniable presence, humor, and kindness that keeps them coming back. Where are you from originally? “I’m actually from Poseyville, Indiana, which has a population of 1100. A very, very small town. I moved [to Denver] in 1996. When I…

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manifesting inner peace

Feeling stressed seems to be the norm in the world of juggling career pressure, family life, and busy schedules. But Karey Goebel, corporate executive turned Denver yoga and meditation teacher, tells us that meditation is a great way to find contentment in the chaos. And, when we find our individual roads to relaxation, the benefits can go deeper than peace of mind. “Meditation begins with awareness of your breath,” Goebel says. “When you’re breathing, you’re completely rooted in the present. You can’t breathe in the future or with the anxiety of the future and you can’t breathe in the past or with the regret of the past. You can only breathe in the present moment.” There are five types of meditation she recommends trying: spiritual, focus, movement, mantra, and transcendental. ABOUT THE…

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running a marathon

1 START SLOW Both in preparation and on race day, slow and steady is the way to go. Start training months in advance by doing shorter runs, such as a 5k and 10k, then work up to half marathons. When you finally take off on your first marathon, remember to pace yourself and save energy for when it counts. 2 INVEST IN YOUR GEAR Purchasing the perfect shoes, and being fitted by a professional in the process, can be the difference between finishing the race or not. Wearing light, moisture-wicking clothes will increase comfort and help with chafing and blisters. Splurging on extras, like headphones, can make the experience more enjoyable, too. 3 FUEL UP Ensuring you won’t fall victim to poor nutrition starts well before the big day. During your training months, experiment with…