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get out and explore

The past few months have taught me some hard lessons. First and foremost, I have learned that teamwork is essential on the work front and at home—especially during what we now refer to as the “new normal.” With our lives essentially flipped upside-down over the past twelve months, we’ve had to adapt here at Alpine Publishing and create new strategies to get this last year’s issues completed with relevant content and precision amidst the closures, delays, and reschedules of our beloved businesses in the hospitality, restaurant, events, and entertainment industries. We are happy to see things are starting to turn around again, too! Personally, I’ve also realized that happiness can only come when your true passions are being honored. Today, I feel a true sense of renewal and regrowth and look…

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home sweet home

Want to be featured? Tag @denverlifemagazine in your photo. Do you follow @hgcomag on Instagram yet? Check out the latest from our favorite designers, interiors, and all things home and garden. Denver Life Magazine is now available digitally on ZINIO and Amazon. follow us on: @denverlifemagazine @denverlifemagazine @denverlifemag…

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An unsinkable resolve Fifty years ago, a troop of volunteers congregated to save an aged building at 1340 Pennsylvania Street—the house of socialite and philanthropist Margaret Brown, better known as “The Titanic’s Unsinkable Molly Brown.” This year, the Molly Brown House Museum celebrates the 50-year grassroots initiative with an exhibit entitled Looking Forward/Looking Back, which portrays the restoration efforts of the 19th century home, including the discoveries of Brown’s original furnishings and art. “It really is a great thread of how a community can rally together around an issue and really affect change for the good of the community,” says Museum Director Andrea Malcomb. Historic Denver, the fruition of the resolved volunteers dedicated to safeguarding Denver’s historic places, recently launched the 50 Actions for 50 Places campaign, a pursuit to enlist…

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all hands on deck

No day is ever the same for Governor Jared Polis, especially as Colorado works to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In this crazy time, Polis is moving rapidly between Zoom and telephone meetings with the COVID-19 response team—as well as developing plans with advisers to move forward on key issues for his administration, such as climate change and saving people money on healthcare. He’s one busy guy to say the least. From press conferences with reporters to rolling out the state’s leading vaccine distribution plan, Polis also makes time to hear from community leaders and constituents about their concerns and suggestions. What do you enjoy most about being the governor of Colorado? “The ability to help people. Whether it’s working with the dozens of people on my staff or meeting constituents…

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migraine remedies

Regulating migraines may seem impossible. With the added pressure of managing priorities, work responsibilities, and pain control, migraines are no joke and require serious care. If you’re tired of using heavy painkillers to easy your chronic headaches, try some of these alternative options. TEMPERATURE THERAPY Using cold or hot temperatures to cure inflammation and aches are as common as old wives’ tales. But for many people, this is a great way to ease chronic migraines or headaches. If a cold pack isn’t your cup of tea, try taking a warm shower with calming essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus. Or, take a hot bath to ease your incoming migraine and stop it in its tracks before it intensifies. LIGHT THERAPY Harvard Professor Rami Burstein is a neuroscientist and world leader in the science…

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digitizing old family photos

Let’s face it, we all have thousands of pre-smartphone photos clogging up old shoeboxes or basement storage bins, but no worries, professional archivist and founder of Ambrosia Archiving Alison Levin is here to help. 1 DIY OR HIRE A PROFESSIONAL Photos taken "pre-digital age" hold value for both your family and history, so digitizing them can be a meaningful and fulfilling project. Depending on the state of your photos and personal time limits, decide whether you want to undertake these efforts on your own or with a professional. While you can easily buy a high-resolution scanner and digitize yourself, professionals like Levin can handle and edit fragile photographs with care and completely organize your collection. 2 PHASE OUT YOUR PROJECT Boxes of photos can be overwhelming, so it’s important to split your organizing into…