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Diabetes Self-Management November/December 2019

Diabetes Self-Management offers up-to-date, practical “how-to” information on nutrition, exercise, new drugs, medical advances, self-help, and the many other topics people need to know about to stay healthy.

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Dear readers, In November, the diabetes community observes National Diabetes Month, founded in 1975 to spread awareness of diabetes and the impact it has on millions of people in the United States. Curious to discover more about how the movement got started, learn how top diabetes organizations are making differences in the lives of people with the condition, and find out how you can participate? You’ll find information and inspiration in “What’s the Story Behind National Diabetes Month?” (page 44) and “Questions and Answers: American Diabetes Association CEO Tracey Brown and JDRF President and CEO Aaron Kowalski” (page 18). It’s also Diabetes Self-Management’s 36th year in print, and the issue you’re holding is the first installment of a fresh, updated design, created with you, the reader, in mind. We’ve added new columns…

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Halki Diabetes Remedy: Hype or Hope Is the Halki Diabetes Remedy for real or is it just another “too good to be true” scam that makes false promises and empties your wallet at the same time? Find out from Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietitan Amy Campbell. Dealing With the Diabetes Police With the holidays coming, are the “diabetes police” putting a damper on your day? While often well-meaning, loved ones who constantly question how you’re managing your condition can take a toll. Get four top tips for dealing with diabetes police in your life. 5 Diabetes Tattoos and the Meaning Behind Them People with diabetes are increasingly choosing to get tattoos that relate to diabetes. The tattoos are chosen for various reasons, and we found five people with type 1 diabetes who have chosen…

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vitamin d pills may slow type 2 diabetes

Vitamin D supplementation may slow the progression of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes in those newly diagnosed by improving insulin sensitivity and beta cell function, according to a small new study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin involved in a number of critical processes in the body, including maintaining bone health, preserving immune function and reducing chronic inflammation. Deficiency of the vitamin is common worldwide, affecting an estimated three quarters of teens and adults the United States population, and the condition has been linked with a variety of serious health issues, including type 2 diabetes. The researchers looked at 96 people who were at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes or who had recently been diagnosed with the condition. The participants were assigned to…

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fda approves nine generic neuropathy drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first generic versions of Lyrica (generic name pregabalin), a popular medicine used for nerve pain from neuropathy (nerve damage) as well as for seizures, fibromyalgia and other neurological conditions. Neuropathy is one of the most common diabetic complications, estimated to affect up to 70% of people with diabetes. It typically affects the feet and legs and sometimes the hands and arms, with symptoms that can include pain, tingling, burning and numbness. Pain from the condition can be difficult to address, with limited treatment options available. Approved in 2004, Lyrica is believed to work on damaged nerves, possibly by reducing “extra” electrical signals, but it is not known exactly how the medicine works in the body. According to the Associated Press, the drug…

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are you aware?

November is National Diabetes Month. Diabetes continues to be an epidemic throughout the world, but education can help lead to early diagnosis. Take this quiz to see how much you know about some of the less obvious signs and symptoms of diabetes. 1. Thirst can be a symptom of diabetes, but which of the following can also indicate high blood sugar? ○ A Hunger and shakiness. ○ B Feeling full and tremors. ○ C Hunger and having headaches. ○ D Feeling full and having headaches. 2. Which of the following changes in mood could be a sign that your blood glucose is out of whack? More than one answer may be correct. ○ A You suddenly feel happy all the time. ○ B You feel more impulsive than usual. ○ C You have mood swings. ○ D You are cranky. 3.…

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keto pizza crust debuts at blaze pizza

The keto, or ketogenic, diet has recently risen in popularity, with many people who have diabetes trying this low-carb approach to eating in an effort to manage their blood sugar levels. In response to the demand, California-based chain Blaze Pizza is debuting a keto pizza crust. In July, the company announced the launch of the keto crust, which includes ingredients such as flaxseed, eggs and cheese and contains only 6 grams of net carbs per serving. “Pizza crusts are traditionally made mostly of flour, water and yeast,” said Blaze Pizza’s executive chef, Brad Kent, in an interview with Business Insider. “Removing the flour brings several challenges since the gluten and starches and sugars (carbohydrates) deliver the desirable light, crispy and chewy texture in addition to its toasty and yeasty flavor.” The chain is…