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ESPN The Magazine 02.06.17

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super twists

Sometimes, you’ve got to call an audible. Before the playoffs even began, we started game-planning our Super Bowl Preview, preparing for every imaginable storyline—an Eli-Brady rematch, a Matt Ryan coming-out party, a Chiefs coronation. We even briefly (ever so briefly) envisioned a Brock Osweiler feature. Of course, the best-laid game plans have a way of blowing up—so much for our Ezekiel Elliott cover, and, oh wait, shouldn’t we tee up something on Le’Veon Bell? Thankfully, our two-minute offense is pretty sharp, and heading into the conference championships, we had four different previews ready to go. Each covered a potential Super Bowl matchup, so as soon as the final teams were decided, we were ready to pull the trigger on the issue you now hold in your hands. We’d like to…

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top point guards in college hoops

Markelle Fultz WASHINGTON, FR., 6-4 23.1 ppg, 6.2 apg “We don’t care that his team stinks. Ben Simmons went first last year, and LSU didn’t make the NCAA tournament. He’s the best point guard and maybe the No. 1 overall pick. There’s not much not to like about him. I love the pace he plays at. He rarely gets sped up or rattled. The difference with Fultz and the other guys is that he is the best shooter [48.9 FG%, 40.3 3PT%] and best scorer of the group.” Lonzo Ball UCLA, FR., 6-6 14.6 ppg, 8.0 apg “His IQ is off the charts. He just knows how to play, but we all knew that. What has surprised me is his ability to shoot [53.0 FG%, 43.0 3PT%]. He’s more athletic than I thought and plays with maturity.…

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Free for Mag subscribers THE ONLY PLACE FOR EXCLUSIVE ANALYSIS AND CONTENT FROM OUR EXPERTS. HERE’S HOW TO BECOME AN ESPN INSIDER! Turn back to the cover and find your account number on the mailing label of your ESPN The Magazine. It starts with ESN and is 10 digits long. Fire up the internet and go to Enter your account number and click “Activate your Insider account.” Fill in the required fields to create an Insider member name and password. Click “Finish.” Congrats! You’re already smarter than the average fan.…

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the numbers

Hall of Fame elections and the Super Bowl come at us at the same time, which inevitably raises the question: How do the NFL athletes we’re watching today compare with old-time greats? And that can cause problems for anyone interested in analytics. I mean, 50 years ago, Bart Starr led the league in passer rating and the Packers to a championship while throwing for just 14 touchdowns and 161.2 yards a game. Given all the changes since then to NFL rules and offensive styles, not to mention conditioning, equipment, travel … it’s not easy to compare Starr’s 1966 with Aaron Rodgers’ 2016, or either of them with Brett Favre’s 1996. But it’s not impossible either, thanks to a calculation I call “league shares.” With league shares, we simply take an important…

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the madness of kings

A white towel clings like Saran Wrap to DeMarcus Cousins’ nearly 300-pound body as he makes his way from the shower into the Kings’ locker room. It’s an hour after the final buzzer, and most of his teammates have long vacated the arc of wood-paneled lockers. Cousins’ stall is at the end; beside it, a pyramidal mass of reporters and videographers huddles in wait. • On this December night, the Kings trounced the Lakers 116-92, with Cousins’ 16-point third quarter tilting the game in Sacramento’s favor. But whatever pride he’s taken from the performance—what it says about the body of work he’s assembled in his seventh season, what it portends for the Kings as they prepare to hit the road just two games out of the playoffs—all of that is now…

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tristan thompson

“I love playing basketball, but my second passion is clothes and dressing and style. I take it really serious.” C CLEVELAND CAVALIERS JAN. 6 BARCLAYS CENTER BROOKLYN TOM FORD TURTLENECK “The turtleneck is cashmere and it’s Tom Ford, which is one of my favorite brands in terms of their timeless pieces.” $1,320, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER SUNGLASSES “I keep my frames vintage or Cartier. The last thing you want to do is wear shades that don’t fit your face correctly.” Price available upon request, VINTAGE CHANEL BROOCH “I want to be wearing something that gives me an ‘I’m here’ approach: a blazer, a turtleneck, this vintage brooch. It tells you I know what’s going on.” Price available upon request, BALMAIN BIKER JEANS “You won’t see a lot of tall guys in sports wear…