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ESPN The Magazine 09.18.17

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guest star

I found out Aaron was coming to my house for our interview the day before it happened, so I spent the better part of that night frantically cleaning. I’ve profiled NFL players before, but I’ve never hosted a subject, so I wasn’t sure how to prepare. I ended up going to the grocery store a few hours before and buying snacks—and a fresh bar of soap in case he used my bathroom. Later we met at a nearby coffee shop, and I told him he could park his car on a side street. When we emerged from my house a few hours later, we walked to his car and I realized, to my horror, I had given him bad advice: He had a very expensive parking ticket. MORE ON PAGE…

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potential new mlb stars on the rise

Walker Buehler RHP | DODGERS Buehler was 3–3 as a starter before moving to the Triple-A bullpen on Aug. 5 in anticipation of a call-up. Two years after Tommy John surgery, the 2015 first-round pick has some of the best stuff in the minors. Since a disastrous Triple-A debut, he has a 2.56 ERA in 21⅓ innings, fanning 32 of 86 batters and allowing just 16 hits. He can help in some kind of high-leverage relief role down the stretch. Chance Adams RHP | YANKEES As the Yanks consider limiting Luis Severino and rookie Jordan Montgomery, they have a legitimate option in Adams after a stellar season in Double-A and Triple-A: 15–4 with a 2.24 ERA across both levels, with 129 strikeouts, 55 walks and 11 homers allowed in 144⅔ innings. With a high-effort delivery…

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“Pardon that jargon but since I’m balling they getting salty/They all catching feelings, I should Biletnikoff ’em.” NICKI MINAJ: Many of her name-drops revolve around an accumulation of rings and who does and doesn’t have them. Most recently, on the 2 Chainz song “Realize,” she raps: “Dwayne Carter of the north/ Dwyane Wade in the fourth.” Her cleverness remains her ability to flip words with dual meanings, which she uses to her advantage in sports references, like in the song “Up in Flames,” in which she rhymes: “My net worth, that net works/Keep my shooters out in Brooklyn/where the Nets work.” DRAKE: Much like his often-shifting sports fandom, Drake’s name-drops often serve to place him in proximity with the athletes he admires. On his first swipe at Meek Mill, the dis track…

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“who does this to people?”

I’m sitting here outside the hospital in my car taking deep breaths. I was told I need to take off of work to be trained on how to administer the [tracheostomy tube] and keep it clean and I actually think I’m in a state of shock: How do I do this and work full time? How do I do this and take care of a 20 year old special needs son? How do I do this and run around with a 9 year old who dreams of modeling, acting, being a pageant princess and still maintain her GPA and make sure that she is a well balanced 9 year old? How do I maintain the house and cook and clean? When do I work out? And my thoughts go to the NFL and I am numb,…

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safe houses

Since 2005, the winningest teams at home—Boise State and Ohio State, Oklahoma and Alabama—win the most on the road too. So how’s a 12th man supposed to know that he makes a difference? Forget win-loss results. The real measure of home-field advantage lies in performance, so we examined how every FBS team fared, scoreboard-wise, in every home game in the past 12 seasons. Then we compared those numbers to the Football Power Index expected margin of victory in those contests. Take last year’s Week 5 Stanford-Washington clash in Seattle. According to FPI, the Huskies were expected to win by 14.7 points, but they won in a 44-6 romp. U-Dub’s 23.3-point swing—or points above expectation (PAE)—is our metric proxy for home-field performance. Win by more than anticipated? Lose by less? PAE’s got…

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WHAT NISSAN’S HEISMAN HOUSE PHOTO SHOOT WHO HEISMAN TROPHY WINNERS (FROM LEFT) BARRY SANDERS, RICKY WILLIAMS, CHRIS WEINKE, EDDIE GEORGE AND TIM TEBOW WHEN JUNE 20, 1 P.M. PT WHERE PASADENA, CALIF. It starts with a duck—the duck, that is, that former USC running back Marcus Allen orders for dinner at Nissan’s Heisman House, the ad campaign that imagines a dysfunctional universe in which Heisman winners live together. In this year’s shoot, rivalries hit the dinner table. Spoiler alert: Mayhem ensues. “Marcus Allen orders the duck, and Marcus Mariota and Oregon’s mascot—one of the servers—don’t take too kindly to that,” 1998 Heisman winner Ricky Williams says of the scene. “The mascot throws a bread roll at Marcus Allen, and it just erupts into a big food fight. I was staring down Jason White. He had on the Golden…