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ESPN The Magazine 02.19.18

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striking gold

On Chloe Kim’s fearlessness What happens when you tell Chloe to step into a harness and mimic her best snowboarding moves while rigged up to 20-foot rafters in an LA studio? Cover shoot magic. But don’t let Chloe’s smile fool you. The harness was unbelievably uncomfortable, and we had to cut into her outfit just to hide the straps. Needless to say, Chloe’s energy is undeniable, and she’s a great sport. MORE ON PAGE 44 “I had so much fun, and it was kind of crazy getting harnessed and having three people pull me up into the air with my snowboard on. It was an awesome experience.” —CHLOE KIM On Lindsey Vonn’s glow Beyond “legend,” if there’s one word that describes Lindsey, it’s glamour. When I tried to strip down her makeup and hair,…

4 min.
the numbers

Some of the Americans you’ll see at the Pyeongchang Winter Games are old friends who have dominated their sports for years, like Lindsey Vonn. Others are rocketing toward their first truly global breakout moments, like Nathan Chen. A third group is worth your attention too: athletes now surging into medal contention with the help of data analysis by the U.S. Olympic Committee. Traditionally, the USOC, which distributes about $50 million a year to 39 national governing bodies to support athletes, allocated its money subjectively. Officials responsible for various sports tracked events, talked with coaches, then pitched plans to their bosses for giving out funds. That has changed since Alan Ashley took over as chief of sport performance in 2010 and started asking for metrics linking dollars spent with results obtained. “We…

27 min.
the nba’s secret wine society

The river of black shuttle buses negotiates sharp switchbacks, bouncing upward along miles of uneven pavement that fades into dirt, from two lanes to one, climbing beneath oak forest that blocks out the morning light. Cellphone service dwindles to nothing. Finally, a metal gate appears, a large “M” at its center, and soon the Cleveland Cavaliers pour out of the buses. About 60 members of the franchise gather near tables covered in white cloth, sitting atop cedar bark spread across a small clearing. They clink flutes of 2006 Dom Pérignon in toast. Nearby, all around the property, lies charred earth. Burned hillsides, stippled with the black skeletons of trees, loom ominous. This is Mayacamas, one of Napa Valley’s most iconic wineries. Not many of the Cavs have been here, but LeBron James…

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how to drink wine like a king

LEBRON’S BOTTLE Opus One 2004, $375 KEY SUB Bressler Cabernet Sauvignon 2004, $75 Miller says Bressler consistently produces lovely wines that age well and that this cab—with black currant, tobacco, cedar and just a hint of vanilla—is a steal at $75. LEBRON’S BOTTLE Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot “Les Fairendes” Premier Cru 2014, $114 KEY SUB Fontaine-Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Vieilles Vignes 2015, $60 One of the stalwarts of Chassagne, a region in eastern France, Fontaine makes intense citrus- and mineral-laden wines that Miller says are beautiful young. LeBron’s costs more, sure, but this Fontaine ages nicely. LEBRON’S BOTTLE Giuseppe Quintarelli Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2004, $280 KEY SUB Tommaso Bussola Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2011, $45 Bussola delivers one of the top values in Italian wine, Miller says. On the drier side, with every dark fruit imaginable woven in. LEBRON’S BOTTLE Staglin Cab…

6 min.
do your darn job, america

FADE IN. SCROLLING TEXT OVER BLACK ... With yet another Super Bowl trip under his belt, Bill Belichick decides the only task worthy of his genius is becoming president of the United States. And after many failed attempts, he finally wins the other big one, by hook and by crook and a superior system (or is it his singularly brilliant QB surrogate?). INT. WHITE HOUSE PRESS ROOM - MORNING A bunch of REPORTERS are gathered for the morning briefing. On the back wall is the WHITE HOUSE LOGO. At the front of the lectern, the PRESIDENTIAL SEAL has been altered, with the traditional arrows and olive branch replaced by a HOODIE and the LOMBARDI TROPHY. Chief of staff TOM BRADY approaches the lectern. TOM BRADY [READING A STATEMENT] Good morning, and welcome to President…

3 min.
falk lines

THE SCOUT CARD LUKE FALK He showed a better arm at the Senior Bowl than maybe he gets credit for. I think he added some strength between his junior and senior years. I like his command. He’s running the offense, not just reciting the plays. He stays calm, and when he throws, his feet are usually in good position. Guys in that offense don’t always transition when they have to work play-action. I see accuracy at all levels, including deep. Athletically he’s limited, and by that I mean as a runner. He may not always keep a play alive, so you’re going to have to protect him. But he moves pretty good in the pocket to keep himself clean, and he plays with his eyes up so he can make a…