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ESPN The Magazine 07.09.18

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GET THE TOTAL BODY10 EXPERIENCE! Behind-the-scenes photos and videos, interviews with all 16 athletes and a photo archive with newly revealed images—it’s all at COLLECT THEM ALL! To buy these 10 covers, or any of your favorite covers from past Body Issues, visit SET YOUR DVR! For never-before-told stories from athletes and editors, don’t miss the official Body Issue documentary. BODY10: A Decade of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue airs July 5 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN. COVER PHOTOGRAPHS: BARKLEY BY SOPHY HOLLAND; IBRAHIMOVIC BY PETER HAPAK; CHAMBERLAIN BY HANA ASANO; RIPPON BY MARK SELIGER; STEWART BY MARCUS ERIKSSON; PUIG BY PEGGY SIROTA; TOWNS BY MARTIN SCHOELLER; BIRD AND RAPINOE BY RADKA LEITMERITZ; DUNN BY MARCUS SMITH; RICE BY CARLOS SERRAO…

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meet the body issue photographers

Kwaku Alston on Greg Norman The Shark’s golf course was beautiful and full of natural vegetation, but we were constantly concerned about the crocs, snakes and rain. It felt like we were on the set of some sort of Crocodile Dundee film. PAGE 94 Peter Hapak on Zlatan Ibrahimovic I’ve been on many Body shoots over the years, and it was a gift for me to shoot Zlatan. He knows his body so well, and he brought a new level of focus to the set that elevated each shot, no matter what he was doing. PAGE 98 Nick Laham on Charlotte Flair I was hoping Charlotte would do her signature moonsault off the turnbuckle. And when she responded to my request with “I can do as many as you need to get the picture,” I knew the day…

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a decade of espn body

2009 “ESPN IS HELPING TO REDEFINE WHAT’S BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY.” SARAH REINERTSEN 2009 BODY ATHLETES Claire Bevilacqua, Gina Carano, Michelle Carter, Zdeno Chara, Nelson Cruz, Steph Davis, Carl Edwards, Susan Francia, Biba Golic, Dwight Howard, Lolo Jones, Natasha Kai, Kristi Leskinen, Ryan Lochte, Metal Mulisha, Oguchi Onyewu, Manny Pacquiao, Adrian Peterson, Shane Proctor, Sarah Reinertsen, Alex Solis, Byambajav Ulambayar, Serena Williams, D.C. United, Edmonton Oilers, LPGA Tour, U.S. women’s softball, World Poker Tour 2010 Talk about getting thrown into the deep end. Photographer Art Streiber spent two full days shooting 12 members of the U.S. women’s water polo team (right), with the help of a certified diving instructor. The final composite shot? Gold medal magic! 2010 BODY ATHLETES Jeff Farrell, Kim Glass, Steven Holcomb, Tim Howard, Jeanette Lee, Evan Lysacek, Julia Mancuso, Hanley Ramirez, Philippa…

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WE’VE REVEALED QUITE A LOT IN 10 BODY ISSUES: 207 photo shoots of 286 athletes in all their many shapes and sizes. We’ve admired 572 arms, from the biceps of Giancarlo Stanton to the wingspan of Brittney Griner. We’ve beheld 572 legs, from the pistons of Apolo Anton Ohno to the prosthetics of Amy Purdy. We’ve seen six-packs shredded (Bryce Harper), shoulders ripped (Serena Williams), fingers flexible (Odell Beckham Jr.) and forearms precise (Jeanette Lee). We’ve witnessed torsos built to pound (Vince Wilfork) and built to pack a punch (Ronda Rousey). We’ve been awed by physiques aged 77 years (Gary Player) and marveled at those barely aged at all (Saquon Barkley). We’ve celebrated bodies changed (eight-months-pregnant Kerri Walsh Jennings) and bodies transitioned (transgender duathlete Chris Mosier). And if we’ve uncovered…

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the world, wide open

I have long had a complicated relationship with my body. As a child, I was awkward and unathletic and uninterested in becoming athletic. I was not a team player. I was a dreamer and something of an oddball loner. I wanted to spend all my time with books. My parents, understanding the importance of an active lifestyle, enrolled me in all kinds of sports—soccer, softball, basketball—but little of it took. The only sport I ever demonstrated any kind of aptitude for was swimming, which I loved because it was just me, trying to pull myself through the water as quickly and efficiently as possible. I loved pushing myself, seeing how fast I could get. I loved trying to perfect my form, cupping my hands just so, kicking my legs without creating…

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my body is …

JEREMY LIN 29 NBA POINT GUARD, BROOKLYN NETS … REBUILT. I broke down in tears when our plane landed. We’d just gotten back to New York from opening night in Indiana, where I got carried off the floor after injuring my right knee. The X-ray, the Nets told me, didn’t look too bad. But when the cabin lights came on, I saw my knee for the first time, free from the painful compression sleeve I’d removed midflight. It was disgusting—like the size of four knees in one. I knew I was done for the year for the second straight season. If I was younger, it might have taken me months to recover mentally. But after two hours, I wanted to be like a mad scientist in a basement laboratory. When I was with…