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ESPN The Magazine 08.20.18

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hurry-up offense

Who is the most important person in the Alabama football program besides Saban? It might be his longtime administrative assistant, Linda Leoni, whom Saban has known since his days with the Cleveland Browns. She’s the keeper of Saban’s schedule, and every few minutes, people hesitantly stroll up to her desk outside his office and plead for time with the king. If you’re lucky, you might get 15 minutes of his time, assuming she can find space between meetings, phone calls and film sessions. If it’s a subject that’s going to annoy him? Better wrap it up in 10 minutes or less. She cheerfully tells me I have 30 minutes, but if I can wrap it up in 29, he’ll be in a better mood. MORE ON PAGE 38 Senior writer Tim…

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drive of a lifetime

My grandfather’s idea of paradise was playing golf and smoking cigarettes. He found them both meditative practices, not that he would ever call them that. Golf was “exercise and fresh air,” especially where we played, on the hilly, worn public courses of Appalachia, where carts did not exist and a lost ball meant extra shifts at the factory or the mill. As we walked, my grandfather lit Camel after Camel and coached me on the finer points of the game as he saw them. He was not one to use three words when two would do, so most of my instruction consisted of headshaking and the odd, firm order. “Eyes on the ball. Head down. Relax your grip. Don’t force it.” My grandfather’s swing was a circle of easy grace, more like…

2 min.
the national fantasy football convention

We recently went to Fort Worth, Texas, where the three-day(!) “Comic-Con for football fans” held sessions on the best draft strategies and how to work trades like a boss, all while owners not-so-discreetly gawked at the IRL players roaming the Will Rogers Memorial Center. Listen up … —DOM D i FURIO “I actually got a mad crush on Pat Mahomes. Am I crazy to think he might be better than Russell Wilson this year?” “I’m just trying to figure out who all these players are walking by.” “Every single player I’ve talked to, they’re here voluntarily.” “There’s a reason they call Jimmy Garoppolo ‘Jimmy GQ.’” [Touching the Salvation Army kettle Ezekiel Elliott famously jumped into] “I touched it.” “That’s an NES cartridge, man. Long-term, I wanna get Bo Jackson’s signature on there too.” “Whoever the worst player…

9 min.
jared goff is ready for his hollywood close-up

It’s 8 a.m. on a Saturday in July, and already my weather app is screaming at me to stop what I’m doing right the hell now: “Los Angeles. 95 F.” A heat wave is about to suffocate the city, setting all-time highs, and yet I plan to spend the next two hours hiking with a Golden Pyrenees, Quincy, and his owner, Rams quarterback Jared Goff, the first pick of the 2016 NFL draft, who is coming off a Pro Bowl campaign that saw him lead the NFL’s highest-scoring team to its first playoff birth since 2004. Goff, 23, doesn’t do stuff like this—and by “this” I mean interviews, hikes and LA touristy things. Today, though, the low-key but unerringly polite star, who was famously busted on Hard Knocks for not knowing…

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mlb quiz for the intermittent fan

1. True or false: The Giants and Cardinals are probably the two best teams of 2018. A. Sure. B. False. C. Actually, pretty sure the Cardinals play football now. 2. Hold on, didn’t the Astros win it all last year? A. I thought it was the Cubs? B. I’m pretty sure it was the Astros. C. No. Wait. It was the Dodgers. D. Yeah. It was the Dodgers. 3. Did you see what Aaron Judge did? A. No. 4. Vino Rosso of the Orioles is this year’s leading contender for Rookie of the Year. A. True. B. False. 5. Derek Jeter owns the Marlins? A. Really? B. Huh. 6. Bryce Harper still has a bad haircut. A. True. B. It’s bad. 7. The Giambi brothers are no longer brothers. A. True. B. False. 8. What was that one guy’s name? The one with the beard and the hair who looked like Jesus and…

5 min.
oh no, not you again

Andre Agassi 8-TIME GRAND SLAM CHAMP; 3–8 VS. FEDERER “When a ball left my racket [with most opponents], I knew exactly where it was going and I could assess to what degree I would gain the advantage in that point. With Roger, you could not count on the advantage no matter where you hit the ball. He was leaps and bounds better than anyone I had faced. When I faced him late in my career [in the 2005 U.S. Open final], the biggest reaction I got was him looking down at his shoes. Then he just went to a gear I’d never seen before. It was a privilege to see, a privilege to have the worst seat in the house watching it. The truth is, me at my best, him at his…