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in my feelings

I never listen to music when I’m writing, but I did when I wrote about OBJ. I listened to Drake, because that’s what Odell listens to. He is always dancing, even when there is no music, and his dancing has this mystical reverberation quality to it. One night in Los Angeles, after a celebrity soccer game, Odell danced on the field, and people in the stands and near him, grown men and women and kids, joined in. He has a capacity to bring a certain awe and joy that is rare for a professional athlete, especially buttoned-up football players, which made me wonder, after a tough past few years for him, how he will find the capacity for awe and joy for himself. MORE ON PAGE 38 Randall Slavin captured OBJ…

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the numbers

Last November Mookie Betts rolled a 300 game in the PBA World Series of Bowling. This spring he solved a Rubik’s Cube, on television, in under two minutes. Primarily a second baseman in the minors, Betts converted to the outfield upon reaching Boston four years ago and has now saved more runs for his team since 2016 (76, through Aug. 19) than any other major league fielder. These facts are cool. More important, they testify to Betts’ most admirable trait: his willingness to work hard at endlessly repetitive tasks, picking up patterns and fine-tuning again and again to improve the expression of his impressive natural skills. Now Betts has turned his focus to re-engineering his approach at the plate. His latest round of adjustments is keying the Red Sox’s remarkable offensive surge—and…

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at the speed of bryce

At 6 a.m., I’m already in trouble.¶ The sun is just beginning to peek through the thick trees that surround Stanford’s campus, and I’m shivering in the parking lot behind Bryce Love’s dormitory, watching Love pedal away on a black electric bicycle. Even riding shotgun in a Stanford-issue golf cart, I have no prayer of catching up. That’s when I realize this assignment—to shadow the fastest running back in college football from daybreak to lights out—will reveal Love in exactly the way most Pac-12 defenses see him. Which is to say, I’ll have an excellent view of his back.¶ For much of the day, that back is seated on his electric bike—not that Love, 21, needs any help getting faster; I’m fairly certain the bike actually slows him down. As…

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WHAT NISSAN’S HEISMAN HOUSE PHOTO SHOOT WHO 2017 HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER BAKER MAYFIELD AND 1992 WINNER GINO TORRETTA WHEN JULY 9, 9:07 A.M. PT WHERE PASADENA, CALIFORNIA “At first I couldn’t figure out how they planned on getting Baker off the ground. In the Heisman House commercial, I’m looking at Baker’s finances as he zooms around on drones he bought with his first paycheck because he thought they were tax-deductible. Basically the older guy looking out for the younger guy. I was like, ‘I know there’s special effects, but how’s this supposed to work?’ Then they pulled out the harness and told Baker he’d be suspended by cables. It couldn’t have been comfortable—they had to find clothes that would fit over the harness. The amount of safety that went into it was amazing. Still, I was glad to…

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sweet serve

WATERMELON SALAD ARTHUR ASHE STADIUM COST: $16 ESTIMATED CALORIES: 400 James Beard Award winner Tony Mantuano is best known for his work on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, but the chef and partner of Chicago’s renowned Spiaggia is a 10-year vet of the U.S. Open. We asked him about this inventive salad featuring watermelon, pecorino Romano, pistachios, mint and olive oil that’s on the Wine Bar Food menu during the USTA’s annual fortnight in Flushing. This is the first time I’ve seen pecorino Romano paired with watermelon. I’m gonna pack my cheese grater for the Labor Day picnic! Savory and sweet always works. Think melon and something salty, like prosciutto and melon. That always works. Like a well-placed drop shot. But those candied pistachios? It’s about texture more than anything else. The dish needed a little crunch. We candied…

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gator aid, stat!

TALOR GOOCH: I thought about alligators before the tournament, but you don’t expect to have any actual encounters. MICHAEL DeMOCKER, TIMES-PICAYUNE PHOTOGRAPHER: I’ve shot that tournament for about 15 years, and the alligators have always been a fixture. On the first day, I got the requisite shots of the likely contender golfers, then I prayed for gator drama. I got my wish that afternoon. GOOCH: We were on the last hole. After I hit my tee shot, I knew I had a tough lie down near the water. When I got up there, my ball was within arm’s reach of three gators. A few other golfers came over, and we were trying to figure out how to get the gators to move. Then Chesson Hadley, who was in the group ahead of…