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ESPN The Magazine 10.29.18

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the unreal world

Two days. Five famous TV shows. One photographer. Zero athletes. Two stand-in models? Shooting this NBA Preview issue was unlike any other shoot that I’ve done for ESPN The Magazine, mostly due to the fact that no athletes were present on any of my sets. Just models who were there to look like Paul George and Jayson Tatum. And let me say, it’s so hard to try to imitate the look of an athlete. They are freaks of nature with unmatchable proportions! Even the stand-in with NBA-like height couldn’t compare. MORE ON PAGES 28, 40, 48, 54 & 68 Now, that’s baller: Yang (above) used a stand-in for Jayson Tatum, but the McLaren was very, very real. Copyright © 2018 ESPN. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without the…

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3 cool things to know about the creation of our tv-themed posters

“The creation of these logos and icons was like matching pieces from two different puzzles. Everything was about finding connections between the two worlds: entertainment and basketball. All those hours I’ve spent on Netflix are finally paying off.” ILLUSTRATOR ALEJANDRO PARRILLA GALAN ON DESIGNING THE NBA DRAMA ICONS SEEN THROUGHOUT THIS ISSUE 1. The Bucks poster, inspired by 24, was special because people might not realize that’s actually Wisconsin’s state Capitol building. It’s fun when everything falls into place. Page 62 2. No one likes to pick favorites, but the Mad Men–inspired Hornets poster is great. It’s iconic and it reminded me of the Scarface poster. Very simple. Very strong. Very graphic. It was such a slam dunk. Page 64 3. Details matter. I wanted the Suns poster to be set in Phoenix…

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1. the nhl’s ultimate game changer

“It’s great for young boys and girls to see someone on that stage who looks like them. But Devante isn’t there because he’s black. He’s there because he’s a good hockey player.” WILLIE O’REE ON CAPS WINGER DEVANTE SMITH-PELLY Willie O’Ree broke the NHL’s color barrier in 1958 and will enter the Hockey Hall of Fame on Nov. 12. The groundbreaker believes his legacy rests in the very capable hands of Caps star Devante Smith-Pelly, one of 24 black players currently in the league and the subject of Emily Kaplan’s profile, now on To see Smith-Pelly in action, tune in to Caps-Oilers on Oct. 25, one of more than 180 NHL games on ESPN+ this season. All Big Ticket stats through Oct. 11.…

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3. how to be a michigan man

Michigan football has long prided itself on creating citizens known as Michigan Men. To keep that tradition alive, incoming Wolverines must sign an agreement written by coach Jim Harbaugh. Here, the agreement in full. We all regret that we have but one life and four years of NCAA eligibility to give to Michigan. To honor those years, you are expected to be a Michigan Man at all times—especially against in-state rival State on Oct. 20. Please sign at the bottom. And, boys, remember what my father taught me: Carpe diem … “Seize the line of scrimmage.” —Beat Ohio, head coach Jim Harbaugh When on campus … Always be on time to all your teammates’ classes. Always wear a coat and tie to the showers. Always wear double-laced shoes to sleep. Always wear gloves when eating.…

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4. games of the weak

If you just can’t wait for the Jan. 7 return of The Bachelor featuring ex-NFL tight end Colton Underwood (only on ABC!), you’re in luck. We’ve set you up with this stunning trio of regrettable dates from the sports calendar. NBA Kings at Hawks (Nov. 1, 7:30 p.m. ET) ESPN’s expert panel says this game is the season’s only NBA matchup with zero players ranked in our top 100. We say Miles Plumlee has been done a gross injustice. Gross. Injustice. CFB Houston at SMU (Nov. 3, TBD) The Cougs (24 minutes) and Stangs (25) are bottom five in time of possession. Basic math says that leaves 11 minutes of the ball bouncing all willy-nilly around the Ford Stadium turf. NFL Giants at Niners (Nov. 12, 8:15 p.m. ET) Niners fans? Still bereft at losing their…

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5. screen playing

Oklahoma State has a not-so-lethal weapon to strike panic in opponents—a neon-orange clip of a screaming Gary Busey that uses every pixel of the school’s 6,000-square-foot video board. Much like Busey’s star turn in the Sharknado hexalogy, his in-game cameos have earned mixed reviews: OSU beat Boise State 44-21 but lost to Texas Tech 41-17. That got us thinking: What other famous fans could torment upcoming opponents in key spots? UTAH AT UCLA Oct. 26, 10:30 p.m. ET on ESPN “Did I do that?” The Utes began October with an FBS-worst seven fumbles lost; a TO here and they’d risk a shaming from vintage Jaleel White. GEORGIA VS. FLORIDA Oct. 27, 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS UF’s SEC West-best red zone D could use Ric Flair in its corner if this Dawgs attack (43 ppg) gets…